Noon luncheon meetings are held on the first two Tuesdays of each month, at Charlie Brown's Steakhouse in Chatham Township. Breakfast meetings are held at 8:00 AM on the last two or three Tuesdays of each month. Breakfast meetings are held at Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse in Chatham Township. Guests are always welcomed to attend our Tuesday meetings. COME JOIN US


Kiwanis Christmas Dinner was held on December 17, 2013.

Kiwanis President John Eyre (left) thanked Jimmy, our host for many years at Charlie Brown's Fresh Grill in Chatham Township on Southern Blvd.

Nancy Boucher brought cupcakes, arranged to look like "60" years to honor member and past NJ Districk Kiwanis Governor Marc Litwack on the occasion of his 60th birthday.

Rich and Debby Behling braved the snow and ice to drive from South Jersey to Chatham to attend the annual Kiwanis Christmas Dinner. Rich organized the Christmas Program and both he and Debby contributed to the happy event. Others who contributed items to the program were Karen Swartz, Nancy Boucher, Ron Whalin and President John Eyre, who organized the dinner. Stu Shippey brought the last remaining 2013 Holiday Nuts for members to buy. Approximately 40 members attended the Dinner in spite of the bad weather.Our next Kiwanis meeting will be January 7, 2014. Happy holidays to all!


Breakfast with Santa Sponsored by Kiwanis, Green Village Fire Department and Charlie Brown's Fresh Grill

Santa arrived on a Green Village fire truck while it was snowing. The Green Village Fire Department helped sponsor Breakfast with Santa and their volunteers made it a success.
Student volunteers from Madison High School Key Club.
Student volunteers from Chatham High School Key Club
Santa talked with a lot of enthusiastic children.
Charlie Brown's staff served a nutritious and delicious breakfast buffet.
Charlie Brown's and Kiwanis worked together to make the event a success.
Santa Claus worked with Kiwanis to make the event a success.

Kiwanis December 3 Meeting Program: - Sarah Stanley presented "The Stanley Twins: Inventors of the Stanley Steam Car & Developers of the Stanley Hotel of Colorado".

Sarah Stanley (right in photo), Trustee of the Chatham Twp. Historical Society, was welcomed to the December 3, 2013 luncheon meeting at Charlie Brown’s restaurant by John Eyre, President of the Club. Sarah spoke on “The Stanley Twins: Inventors of the Stanley Steam Car & Developers of The Stanley Hotel of Colorado”.  Sarah is the Great Granddaughter of Francis E. Stanley.

Sarah presented a digital show covering the inventions, developments and businesses of Francis Edgar Stanley and Freelan Oscar Stanley. Patents included the airbrush, photographic dry plates and the Stanley Steam Car. The cars set speed records on flat beaches and also on the road climbing Mt. Washington.

F. O. Stanley developed the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. This hotel stands today near the beautiful Rocky Mountain National Park.

Sarah has researched the connection between the Stanley name and Chatham. George Shepard Page was a cousin of the Stanleys (son of Margaret Stanley) and he moved to Chatham, where he set up a business beside the Passaic River. Today’s Stanley Park stands in the same place as the early business.  Other places around town are named Stanley (in honor of Page’s mother, whom he adored).

After a brisk question and answer session at the end of the program, the audience enthusiastically applauded this interesting presentation.


Kiwanis Nut Sale at Kings in Chatham Boro held on November 23, 2013

Stu Shippey (left) and Alan Robertson brave the cool, windy weather to sell nuts at the Kings store on Main Street in Chatham, NJ. Proceeds go to scholarships and other community projects. Other members took their turn on November 23 and sold almost $800 worth of fine nuts.

The nut sale planned for ShopRite on November 24 was cancelled because of the dangerously cold and windy weather that day.

Kiwanis November 26 Meeting Program: Rev. Jeff Markay, Pastor of the Chatham United Methodist Church lead a panel discussing "The Spirituality of Giving Thanks".

Rev. Jeff Markay, Pastor of the Chatham United Methodist Church
Click here to visit website.
Harun Alcadag, Director for the Center of Interfaith Affairs, Peace Island Institute
Click here to visit website.
Rev. Dr. Christa Compton, Pastor of the Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Chatham
Click here to visit website.
The audience enthusiastically applauded this thought-provoking program.


Kiwanis November 19 Meeting Program: Susan Fountain spoke on her experiences as a foster parent.

Susan Fountain (left) was introduced by Caesar Sweitzer at the November 19 Kiwanis Breakfast meeting held at Charlie Brown’s in Chatham Twp. In three years, Susan has served as foster parent for four different babies for periods ranging from one day to two months. Susan has three daughters and lives with them and her husband Tom in Chatham.

She addressed several items: why she served as foster parent, what concerns she had going into the process, what screening and training were needed to be eligible, how the program actually works and quality of the experience.

Susan described how her family received much more than they gave in carrying for their foster children. The audience enthusiastically applauded her spellbinding program.

Chatham High School Key Club Meeting with Chatham-Madison Kiwanis Club at Charlie Brown's Restaurant

Karen Swartz (left), Kiwanis CHS Key Club Advisor; Nicole Avery (center), CHS Faculty Key Club Advisor and Kiera Spadaro (right), Faculty Key Club advisor. All helped organize this meeting.
CHS Key Club officers made presentations regarding student service projects.
Key Club members had a happy time socializing and planning future service projects.
Parents of Key Club members also attended and learned about the work of Kiwanis and Key Clubs.

Kiwanis November 12 Meeting Program: “Canoeing the Canning River in Alaska” with Carl and Kathy Woodward.

Kathy (center in photo) and Carl (right) Woodward gave an educational and entertaining talk to Kiwanis about Canoeing the Canning River in Alaska. They were welcomed to the meeting by John Eyre (left), President of the club. Kathy is wearing a jacket that protected her from the mosquitos during their trip.

Carl is a lawyer and the Town Attorney for the Township of Chatham. Kathy is on the Friends board of the National Wildlife Refuge Association and she volunteers at the Great Swamp.

Carl and Kathy discussed and showed pictures of their wilderness canoe trip in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, North of the Arctic Circle. The photographs of the landscape and wildlife were beautiful.

At the end of this excellent presentation, the audience enthusiastically applauded.

Induction of New Kiwanis Member Karen Brodsky

Betty Anne Keat (left in photo) sponsored new Kiwanis member Karen Brodsky. Karen was recently appointed Director of the Library of the Chatham. She was inducted into the Chatham-Madison Kiwanis Club on November 12, 2013. All members enthusiastically applauded her joining the club and look forward to working with her in the community.


Kiwanis Recognizes Eagle Scout Joseph Falco, III

Karen Swartz presents Kiwanis recognition plaque in honor of Madison Eagle Scout Joseph Falco, III at his October 13, 2012 Court of Honor Ceremony.


Kiwanis November 5 Meeting Program: Kathleen DiChiara presents “The Community Food Bank of NJ – Past, Present and Future”

Kathleen DiChiara, the Founder, President and CEO of the Community Food Bank of New Jersey (left in photo) with past President of Kiwanis Mary Anne Maloney (right) at the November 5 luncheon meeting.  The speaker gave a very interesting and inspiring presentation on “The Community Food Bank of NJ: Past, Present, Future”.

Kathleen started this crusade in 1975 out of the trunk of her car and then in partnership with the Archdiocese of Newark. From distributing 75,000 lbs. of food that first year it now distributes 40 million lbs. of food annually to over 1,000 nonprofit programs and over 400 programs served by its Partner Distribution organizations.

To learn more about the food bank, please visit their website at – be a volunteer and make donations to this fine cause.

To support this work, turkeys will be collected for the Food Bank at the Chatham United Methodist Church on November 23. Boy Scouts will be on hand to carry your turkeys to the waiting refrigerated truck. Kathleen mentioned that with the cut back in food stamps on November 1 even more people will seek help from the Food Bank this Thanksgiving. She also suggested donating medium sized turkeys in the 10-14 pound range because many of her clients do not have the pans and ovens to cook very large turkeys.


Kiwanis November 5 Meeting Announcements

Mary Anne Maloney is a past president of our Kiwanis club and she served as the President for this meeting. She mentioned that, while watching a Chatham community TV channel, she saw a video of the Kiwanis meeting program recorded July 31, 2012 by Tom Salvas. The speaker was Brian George talking about Arthritis.

David Mutchler reported that a check was received for collecting 21,000 pounds of newspapers. Members meet every Monday morning to load newspapers into a container. When it is full, a recycling company picks it up and delivers a new empty one to the parking lot near the Chatham Post Office.

Karen Swartz announced that the next CHS Key Club meeting will be 7:00 PM November 13 at Charlie Brown’s. Parents are invited to this event so they can learn more about the workings of Key Club and the Kiwanis club which sponsors them. All members are invited.

Stu Shippey announced that over $5,000 worth of nuts have been sold. Some bagged nuts are sold out, but there are plenty of holiday tins available. He reminded everyone to sign up for the Kings and ShopRite sales to be held on November 23rd and 24th. He also urged members to give him order forms and he will bring nuts to the Kiwanis meeting to give them to the seller for delivery.


Kiwanis October 29 Meeting Program: Angela McCall-Brown from the Stroke Center at Overlook Medical Center spoke on "Stroke: Managing your Risk”

Angela McCall-Brown (left in photo) from the Stroke Center at Overlook Medical Center spoke on "Stroke: Managing your Risk” at the October 29 Kiwanis luncheon. Nancy Boucher (right) introduced her.

Angela said that Overlook treats almost 900 strokes per year, ages 17 through 101. She noted that we need to know our risks factors for stroke so we can try to control the risks. Risk factors include age, gender, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, etc.

It is possible to modify some risk factors and Angela described actions that can be taken to reduce the chance of having a stroke. About 60 percent of strokes are the result of high blood pressure so blood pressure should be brought under control. Treatment of modifiable risk factors should be taken very seriously.

Angela handed out a refrigerator magnet listing Stroke warning signs and symptoms. She emphasized the importance of immediate treatment. Call 911 if any of them start.

Members of the audience enthusiastically applauded her helpful and interesting presentation.  To learn more about Stroke prevention and treatment, please visit the Overlook Medical Center website.


Kiwanis October 23, 2013 Pasta Dinner a Huge Success

The 2013 Pasta Dinner was a huge success. Tony, Dick, Maggie and Daniela prepared meals in the Chatham High School cafeteria kitchen.
 David gets a magic lesson from Magician Simon Mandal.
 The lucky winners of the 50-50 were announced by Gary and Avory
 Stu and Karen sell Kiwanis Holiday Nuts to Erv.
Starbucks in Madison donated the coffee! Pasta event leaders Gary and Sharon hold up beautiful artwork created by volunteer.


Kiwanis October 22 Meeting: Stephanie Fellippello presented program "Suggestions on Attracting Builders Club & Key Club Parents to Join Our Family".

Stephanie Fellippello (left in photo) made a presentation to the Chatham-Madison Kiwanis Club at Charlie Brown’s in Chatham Township. She was introduced by Sharon Johnson, President-Elect of the club. Stephanie made suggestions for improving the club. These were warmly received by the members, who enthusiastically applauded at the end of the program.


Kiwanis October 15 meeting Program: "The Health Care Crisis in America” by Dr. Joseph J. Murphy

Dr. Joseph J. Murphy was presented with a Kiwanis Legion of Honor award at the October 15 Kiwanis luncheon meeting held at Charlie Brown’s in Chatham Township. Past President Joan May (left in photo) announced that Joe has been a member of the club for 28 years.

Joe spoke to the club about “The Health Care Crisis in America.” Joe serves the Chatham area with the Suburban Chiropractic Center. He was introduced to the audience by David Lloyd, of Stickel, Frahn & Lloyd in Chatham.

He talked about how we got to where we are in health care. There was a time when the cost of health care was very low. Then, fees and costs started to slowly but steadily climb. Then, insurance coverage was added and employers started adding coverage as a benefit to employees. Cost of coverage grew so large that employers found that they could no longer afford to give it to employees.

Managed health care came into the picture to help control cost of insurance coverage. Fees paid to physicians were reduced to low levels. However, facilities and pharmaceutical cost were allowed to grow and Joe gave examples of how high these costs have grown. He also gave examples of how payments to physicians have fallen (relative to other costs). Americans are not entering medical schools because they cannot earn a living in that field of work.

Joe suggested several actions that would reduce the cost of health care. He also commented on Obama-care. Many companies will find ways around the provisions of this legislation. Many employees will be made part-time so they won’t be covered.

After a lively Q&A session, the audience enthusiastically applauded Joe’s insightful analysis of the Health Care Crisis in America.

October 8 Program: Joe Basralian and Susan Hoag spoke on “Open Spaces in Chatham Township”.

Joe Basralian (left in photo) and Susan Hoag (right) spoke on “Open Spaces in Chatham Township” at the October 8 Kiwanis luncheon meeting held at Charlie Brown’s. Both speakers are Open Space Advisory Members. Susan has been on the Open Spaces Committee since its inception in 1996 and she has lived in the Township for 23 years. Joe has been in the Township for five years and he is the enthusiastic chairman of Open Spaces.
The Open Spaces Committee advises the governing Township Committee on Open Spaces elements of the master plan. This covers the use and planning of natural areas, recreational fields, trails, protection of steep slopes, etc.  Chatham Township uniquely focuses on preserving open spaces. Cost per resident is presently about $35 per year. This amount is leveraged to bring in additional funding from other sources.

Open Spaces was started by Abigail Fair and approved in a referendum passed by 72 percent of Township electorate. About 215 acres have been purchased for this purpose so far. A large tract purchased in 2005 was the Kirby property. Most of the cost of this acquisition was paid other organizations, especially by the Morris County Open Space organization. Also, county and state Green Acres funding plus Great Swamp Watershed funding were provided. The last major property, purchased in 2011, was the Averett property. Everyone was grateful to Sam Averett for making this possible just before he passed on.

One of the benefits of Open Spaces is that nearby private property value is enhanced by the beauty experienced every day by residents and visitors to the Township. New projects include development of a new parking lot for access to Lawanaka brook reservation.

After an active Q&A period, the audience enthusiastically applauded the work of the Open Spaces Advisory Committee and the presentation of this important contribution to our community. To learn more, please visit the website:


Announcements: Kiwanis October 8 Meeting

Sharon Johnson announced that the October 23 Pasta Dinner lawn signs are being processed by the manufacturer and we are waiting for governmental approval for placing signs in Chatham Borough and Madison Borough. Gary Arnesen announced that CHS Key Club plans to send workers to help with this Saturday’s (10/12/13 at 8:00 am) Shepard Kollock Park Clean-up. Gary will bring donuts. Gary passed around directions and sign-up sheets. Nancy Boucher, the new club secretary, asked everyone to email her details when activities are held so that she can report the details to Kiwanis – this gives the club credit for activities. Examples of activities are Key Club Meetings, Clean-ups, Fishawack, etc. Karen Swartz told everyone that Brian Goldstein sent the club a note of thanks for the contribution we made to his Eagle Scout project – he is also posting a plaque showing that Kiwanis helped to fund the work. Betty Anne Keat reminded members to bring items to help MHS Key Club. Contact her for more info. John Eyre reminded everyone that the Board meeting will follow next week’s breakfast meeting.


October 1 Program: Caroline Knott of the Chatham Historical Society spoke on "Chatham Township Historical Markers"

Caroline Knott (right in photo) of the Chatham Historical Society spoke on "Chatham Township Historical Markers" at the October 1 Kiwanis luncheon at Charlie Brown’s restaurant in Chatham Township.  John Eyre (left in the photo), the new President of the Kiwanis Club officiated at the meeting.

Caroline started by saying that several years ago Chatham Township Committeeman Bailey Brower suggested that markers be placed beside the historic places in the Township. Caroline Knott carried out the project, in cooperation with the Township Committee, leading to the placement of eleven signs. She presented a PowerPoint photo show that included all the signs. As she covered each sign, she described the history of the site.

The objective of placing the signs was to educate the residents of the community about the rich history of the area.

At the end of her remarks, Bailey Brower praised the work of Caroline and Bob Knott and the Chatham Township Historical Society leaders and members.

To learn more, everyone is invited to read the signs as they discover them at the roadside and to read about them on the society website: A PDF file describing the signs can be downloaded at the site.

At the end of the presentation, the audience enthusiastically applauded this civic project and Caroline’s interesting and entertaining presentation.

Announcements: Kiwanis October 1 Meeting

Jerry Cunningham (left in photo) introduced Jeff Markay, the new pastor of the Chatham United Methodist Church

Sharon Johnson reminded members to sell October 23 Pasta Dinner tickets. She showed everyone a sample lawn sign printed on only one side. She will have printing put on the other side. The club is asking town officials for permission to place the signs.

Gary Arnesen announced that there will be a Kiwanis clean-up at Shepard Kollock Park in Chatham Borough on October 12 at 8:00 am. Stu Shippey announced that we will be selling nuts at the Pasta Dinner.  Marc Litwack announced the 99th year of service of Kiwanis International and wished everyone a happy new Kiwanis service year. Karen Swartz announced the CHS Key Club meeting on October 2.  Nancy Boucher announced the Greater Parsippany wine tasting at Hanover Manor on October 17. Also, she reported that new signs were ordered to use in parades. Betty Anne Keat announced that MHS Key club is collecting children’s books, playing cards and matchbook cars for children undergoing cancer treatment at Morristown Hospital. Members are invited to give items to Betty Anne.


Chatham-Madison Kiwanis Club held their Installation Dinner at Hanover Manor on September 17, 2013. Officers were installed for 2013-14.

Joan May, Chatham-Madison Kiwanis Club President introduces Gordon Meth, outgoing Division Lt. Governor at the September 17 Installation Dinner held at the Hanover Manor, located in East Hanover, NJ. Gordon went on to install officers of the club.

Two new Club Directors greet each other at the podium. On the left is Pat Davidson and on the right is Caesar Sweitzer.

Nancy Boucher will be the Secretary for the club. In Kiwanis, the Club Secretary is a very important position.

Treasurer Monty Montague (left), is installed by Gordon Meth.

President-Elect Sharon Johnson is installed by Gordon Meth.

John Eyre, 2013-14 President of the club, is installed by Gordon Meth.

President Joan May (center) recognized members for their long terms of service. Each was given a certificate awarding them the Kiwanis Legion of Honor. On the left is David Lloyd (30 years) and on the right is Bob Stannard (30 years).

Past President Joan May was awarded the Walter Zeller Award by Mike Mulhaul, coordinator of the New Jersey District Kiwanis Project ELIMINATE campaign.

at the Installation Dinner. They played many beautiful Broadway hits, to the delight of everyone present. They were enthusiastically applauded by the audience.

At the end of the very pleasant affair, 2012-13 President Joan May passed the gavel to 2013-14 President John Eyre.


Kiwanis September 10 Meeting Program: William Styple, Chatham Resident, Civil War historian and author, talked about his latest book, "McClellan's Other Story"

William Styple (left), Chatham Resident, Civil War historian and author, talked about his latest book, "McClellan's Other Story" at the September 10 Kiwanis luncheon held at Charlie Brown’s Restaurant in Chatham Township. He was introduced by Tony Britt (right in photo).

Here is a summary of the book, posted in McClellan's Other Story -- The Political Intrigue of Colonel Thomas M. Key, Confidential Aide to General George B. McClellan. Now available for the first time -- the Untold Political History of the Civil War. This is the biography of Kentucky-born Colonel Thomas Marshall Key (1819-1869) who served as a Confidential Aide and Political Adviser on the staff of General George B. McClellan from 1861-1863. Recently discovered documents and letters reveal that the enigmatic Colonel Key was the author of most of McClellan's political orders and letters, including the infamous Harrison's Landing Letter of July 7, 1862 to Abraham Lincoln, warning the President not to turn the struggle into -- a War of Emancipation. In their wartime and post-war writings, fellow staff officers criticized Colonel Key, calling him the Power Behind the Throne, and the Evil Genius of George McClellan, blaming him for his dubious political advice. McClellan's Other Story contains numerous unpublished letters and documents, and will show evidence that Colonel Key's political interference prolonged the war and cost thousands of lives, and also effectively ruined the military career of General George B. McClellan.

William Styple told Kiwanians in the audience a fascinating tale, which kept everyone interested all the way through the story. Everyone enthusiastically applauded the excellent presentation. To learn more about the book, look it up at

Kiwanis September 3 Meeting Program: Stephen W. Williams, Deputy Fire Marshal/Fire Coordinator and Deputy Coordinator - Emergency Management - Chatham Borough.

Chatham Borough Deputy Fire Marshal Stephen W. Williams (right in the photo) spoke at the Kiwanis September 3 luncheon meeting at Charlie Brown’s in Chatham Township.  He spoke about his many responsibilities, one of which is to enforce the New Jersey Uniform Fire Safety Code. 


Craig Valenti (left in photo) and Marnie Kaller (right) gave a talk on Hurricane Sandy reliefe and rebuilding in Union Beach, NJ. Their work was carried out with the Presbyterian Church of Morristown, NJ. The PCM Outreach Committee has set up a Hurricane Sandy Relief Task Force to initiate and coordinate Hurricane Sandy relief efforts in New Jersey on an ongoing basis. They partnered with the Gateway Church of Christ of Holmdel, NJ. Most work was done on one-day trips to Union Beach.

Craig and Marned illustrated the extreme damage caused by Sandy with an excellent digital photo show. Also included in the show were photos of volunteers at work removing mildewed materials and installing fresh new sheetrock. Photos showed homeowners helping the restoration process.

The homes in Union Beach are modest dwellings of working class families. Most of the homes in the community were destroyed by Sandy. Without insurance for covering the cost of repairs, the community is in desperate need of assistance.

There are also one-week work trips to Point Pleasant, NJ.

The audience enthusiastically applauded the inspiring presentation. Please visit the website of the Presbyterian Church of Morristown to learn what you can do.


Kiwanis August 20 Meeting Program: Dr. Joseph Murphy spoke on "Organic Food - Is it Worth the Price?"

Dr. Joseph Murphy spoke at the Kiwanis August 20th breakfast meeting on "Organic Food - Is it Worth the Price?" Dr. Murphy is a member of the Kiwanis Club and very active in Chatham. His presentation was captured on video by Tom Salvas, local videographer, for use by the Mayor’s Wellness Committee. This is associated with the NJ State Mayors' Wellness Campaign.

Dr. Murphy began by telling everyone that he worked for many years in the food industry. After that, he started his own Chiropractic practice and continued his work in nutrition, teaching his patients how to eat healthier. An important factor is organic versus inorganic farming, produce, etc.

Organic farming means getting back to basics as far as what farming was years ago. It was all natural. When synthetic farming started, new materials and methods were introduced into the farming process.

USDA Organic Seal

The US Department of Agriculture had a distinctive seal for certifying that food is Organic. The definition of organic food may be found on the USDA website. It costs more to produce organic products.

Organic food is free of synthetic pesticides fungicides and fertilizers. Some people believe that eating organic food makes you healthier. Also, organic food is better for the environment, in general. Organic food is considered better for children. You can learn more about healthy eating at Dr. Murphy’s Chatham Patch Blog. Members of the audience enthusiastically applauded the helpful and interesting presentation.