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Craig Valenti (left in photo) and Marnie Kaller (right) gave a talk on Hurricane Sandy reliefe and rebuilding in Union Beach, NJ. Their work was carried out with the Presbyterian Church of Morristown, NJ. The PCM Outreach Committee has set up a Hurricane Sandy Relief Task Force to initiate and coordinate Hurricane Sandy relief efforts in New Jersey on an ongoing basis. They partnered with the Gateway Church of Christ of Holmdel, NJ. Most work was done on one-day trips to Union Beach.

Craig and Marned illustrated the extreme damage caused by Sandy with an excellent digital photo show. Also included in the show were photos of volunteers at work removing mildewed materials and installing fresh new sheetrock. Photos showed homeowners helping the restoration process.

The homes in Union Beach are modest dwellings of working class families. Most of the homes in the community were destroyed by Sandy. Without insurance for covering the cost of repairs, the community is in desperate need of assistance.

There are also one-week work trips to Point Pleasant, NJ.

The audience enthusiastically applauded the inspiring presentation. Please visit the website of the Presbyterian Church of Morristown to learn what you can do.

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