Noon luncheon meetings are held on the first two Tuesdays of each month, at Charlie Brown's Steakhouse in Chatham Township. Breakfast meetings are held at 8:00 AM on the last two or three Tuesdays of each month. Breakfast meetings are held at Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse in Chatham Township. Guests are always welcomed to attend our Tuesday meetings. COME JOIN US


Announcements for the June 29, 2010 Kiwanis meeting

Dick conducted the meeting while Rich Behling was attending the International Convention. Mal Kitson urged members to help decorate floats on Friday and Saturday for the Independence Day Parade. He passed around a sign-up sheet. Nancy Boucher reported on Marc Litwack’s recovery progress following his recent falls. She noted that Marc will be moving from the hospital to a rehab facility soon. He is very grateful for the many “get –well” cards. The Kiwanis International Executive Director will travel from Indianapolis to New Jersey and visit Marc on Friday to give him an award for being the organization’s travel agent for many years. Also, he will give Marc a CD containing information from the Las Vegas Kiwanis Convention. Ron Whalin reported on the $2,000 CHS scholarship winners for 2010. Nancy announced that someone left a green jacket at Charlie Brown’s and the owner should claim it. Dick Plambeck reminded members that the next meeting will be held at Brooklake Country Club and a brief brain-storming meeting regarding new fundraising projects will be held shortly after next week’s meeting. Photo shows President-Elect Dick Plambeck presenting our traditional Kiwanis pen to speaker Evangeline Lee.

Evangeline Lee Presents “Share A Child” Philippines Program at June 29 Meeting

Kiwanis member Evangeline Lee spoke to the club about her experiences providing aid to children in the Philippines. She is working through Share A Child Movement, Inc., which is located in Cebu City, Philippines. The organization has four core programs: Education, Child Protection and Children’s Rights Advocacy, Family Development and Livelihood Development. Evangeline explained that assistance is urgently needed for people who have very little income. New buildings have been built - the shortage of jobs and poor economy remains. She told poignant stories of difficult living conditions in the Philippines. Child labor is a problem, with little regulation. Only about half the children complete their schooling. Our Kiwanis club is contributing $250 per year to help fund education for two high school students. Evangeline has helped process the burdensome paperwork needed to send this contribution to the Philippines. To learn more, visit the Share A Child web site.


Chatham Kiwanis selects Meghan Murray, Sarah Simonson as 2010 scholarship winners

In June, The Kiwanis Club of The Chathams awarded college scholarships to Meghan Murray and Sarah Simonson, Chatham High School Class of 2010. The awards were announced at the June 22 graduation ceremony.

With these awards, the Club continues a tradition of educational awards that it began in 1978. Each year, the club selects two award winners based on academic standing, leadership, good citizenship and participation in school and community activities. The Club awards each scholar $8,000, spread over four years of undergraduate education. The Club encourages 2011 Chatham High School seniors to apply with the school’s counseling department for next year’s Chatham Kiwanis scholarships.

This year, the Club distributes $16,000 to all eight of its scholars. Active recipients are Murray and Simonson who will begin their college careers this fall; rising college sophomores and 2009 winners Erin Boehmer at University of Virginia and Kara Ryan at Notre Dame University; rising juniors and 2008 winners Linsey Hyde at Georgetown University and Kevin Tobia at Rutgers University; and rising seniors and 2007 winners Alison Panosian at Bryn Mawr College and Melissa Villars at Carleton College.

Dick Haenschen, chairman of the seven-member Chatham Kiwanis Scholarship selection committee, said that many applicants were highly qualified and the selection was very difficult. He observed that more applications than usual were submitted this year, perhaps reflecting the current difficult economic conditions. He also said “I am impressed at how many students at Chatham High School excel at their academics and find time for many excellent extracurricular activities.”

Meghan Murray was secretary and vice-president of the Key Club, which is a high school national service club sponsored by Kiwanis. She has been a religious education teacher and leader in her church. In the Pep Club she was the 2008 Homecoming Chair. She lettered all four years in lacrosse, was Captain of the team and led the team to two state championships. She taught lacrosse classes. Her many lacrosse awards include the CHS Scholar/Athlete Award for spring 2010. She was named to lacrosse New Jerey State First Team in New Jersey newspapers and was named two times high School All-American. She was also given the Anthony Mack Sportsmanship Award.  She worked as Kids Camp counselor at Noe Pond Club during the summer. Murray is interested in business management and biology and will continue her education at Yale University. Photo taken at CHS Awards Assembly on June 4.

Sarah Simonson was also active in Key Club, serving as treasurer. She was student government treasurer for two years and president of the Spanish Club. She was Senior Editor of the Year Book Club. She volunteered frequently and was tutor and mentor of Newark children with SCEEP, Suburban Cultural Educational Enrichment Program. She volunteered one summer at Drew University Neuroscience lab. She enjoys music and was a section leader in the CHS orchestra. She enjoys baking and participated in many bake sales. She has an interest in international business and plans to attend New York University. Photo taken at CHS Awards Assembly on June 4.

Dr. Amy Koritz tells Kiwanis about Project Pericles at Drew University

Dr. Amy Koritz, Director of the Center for Civic Engagement, Drew University spoke at the June 22 meeting about Project Pericles. Drew University is a member of Project Pericles, a consortium of 28 colleges and universities committed to incorporating civic engagement into their core educational mission. Project Pericles is a not-for-profit organization that encourages and facilitates commitments by colleges and universities to include education for social responsibility and participatory citizenship as an essential part of their educational programs, in the classroom, on the campus, and in the community.

Dr. Koritz described the ways that Drew is participating in Project Pericles. She distributed a “Drew Today” handout describing the program. The mission of Civic Engagement at Drew is to connect education and action for the common good. Project Pericles supports this by providing training, assistance and networking between member colleges. With this help, Drew is starting a course on Economics of Non-Profits.

Drew now has a Civic Scholars Program. Scholarships are awarded based on incoming student’s High School record of excellence in community service. Civic Scholars enroll in a special seminar their first year and then participate in weekly workshops to develop their skills. All are expected to do 100 hours of community service each year and to organize a Drew activity involving the community during their first year. Of 133 applying for the scholarship, 26 were accepted into the program.

Visit the Drew and Project Pericles websites to learn more.

Drew University graduate Kristin Germinario speaks to Kiwanis about KSTF

Kristin Germinario has received a fellowship in biology from the Knowles Science Teaching Foundation, an advocate for new teachers and the teaching profession. Each Fellow receives a five-year fellowship valued at up to $150,000 that includes mentoring, classroom materials professional development and access to a network of like-minded colleagues and educators nationwide.

At the June 22 Kiwanis club meeting, she briefly described the KSTF and her teaching experiences. Germinario taught biology to incoming eighth graders and was inspired by this experience to become a teacher.

While she was an undergraduate at Drew, Germinario was a member of the Circle K club, a student service club sponsored by Kiwanis Club of the Chathams. She was Editor of “The Duckling”, the club’s newsletter. She thanked Kiwanis for the learning experience she received while in Key Club and Circle K.

Click here to read the Drew Today article on Germinario’s award. Click here to learn more about Knowles Science Teaching Foundation.


Annual Kiwanis-Rotary Picnic June 15

The Annual Kiwanis-Rotary picnic was organized by Mary Anne Maloney, Vice President of Kiwanis. John Eyre purchased filet mignon and grilled it to the delight of hungry people who were present. The event started at 6:00 pm and was held between the Chatham Borough firehouse and the gazebo. The weather was perfect and everyone had a great time. In attendance were 22 members of Chatham-Madison Kiwanis and 4 members of Milburn-Chatham Rotary.


Kiwanis Presents Graduation Awards to ECLC of NJ 2010 Graduating Seniors

On June 17, ECLC of New Jersey’s Chatham campus celebrated the graduation of 27 of its special-needs students. The young adults received high school diplomas conferred by their hometown districts, and each enjoyed the limelight for at least a few moments, as they took center stage to reflect back on field trips, favorite classes and making friends, while thanking their teachers and parents for support.

The Kiwanis Club of the Chathams President Richard Behling presented each graduate with a $100 award, and additional community awards were given out by the Chatham Jaycees and the Chatham branches of Investors Bank, Peapack-Gladstone Bank and TD Bank.

ECLC educates a diverse population of students with severe learning and/or language disabilities, autism spectrum disorder or multiple disabilities. And, this group of graduates reflected that diversity in their wide range of plans for the next chapter in their young lives. Two graduates will attend the College of New Jersey, one plans to enroll in community college and others will work full- or part-time in child care or retail jobs. Several students will join ECLC’s P.R.I.D.E. program, which offers vocational skills training, independent living skills and more to special-needs adults.

This press release and photo courtesy of Amalia Duarte, Public Relations Director, ECLC of NJ.

Madison High School Graduating Seniors Receive Kiwanis Awards

The Madison High School Awards Ceremony was held on June 17 at the Fairleigh Dickinson University Ferguson Center. Two Madison High School graduating seniors received awards from the Madison Kiwanis Club.

Former club president Nancy Boucher presented the Nancy Boucher Service Award to Catherine Turvey. She has done an outstanding job as co-president of the Key Club and has served as a tutor for students learning the English language.

Musician Jerry Vezza presented the Jerry Vezza Award for Outstanding Accomplishment in the Field of Music to Connor Leszczuk. He has excelled as violinist in the MHS Orchestra and is a violinist in the Baroque Orchestra of North Jersey, the NJ Concert Opera and frequently accompanies the Harmonium Choral Society. A former member of the NJ Youth Symphony family of ensembles, he’s been a guest artist of the New Philharmonic of NJ, and has played on occasion with the Livingston Symphony and the Stirling String Ensemble. Connor earned the first place championship in the Mid Atlantic Irish Fiddle competitions twice in a row, and has numerous first place championships under his belt. He can also be seen performing with his family, the musical group "Dugan's Hooligans."


At 2010 Fishawack Kiwanis pulled pork sandwiches are a huge success

Photo shows Kiwanis members posing after the booth was set up across from the Fire House in Chatham Borough. Left to right, Dick Ligertwood, Erv Martin, Bert Whalin, Monty Montague, Melanie Sze and Tom Mullin. The sales crew was very busy during the day, demand for John’s pulled pork sandwiches was high.

In this photo, Melanie Sze serves our first sandwich to a man who ran in the Jaycee sponsored Fishawack Run. Before the day was over, almost 300 sandwiches were sold to delighted customers.

Long lines developed at times. Unfortunately for people who came last, we ran out of pork. Next time we will have to make more.

Kiwanis prepares for selling pork BBQ at Fishawack Festival

Kiwanis sold John Hadamuscin's Famous Pulled Pork Sandwiches at the Fishawack Festival, Saturday June 12, 2010. Friday June 11, John and six other Kiwanis volunteers shredded 75 pounds of pork after cooking it many hours. John will also provide cole slaw and brownies. In the photo Marge Ahrens pulls and shreds pork using forks.


Dr. Joseph J. Murphy presents: “It’s time to live to be stress-free”

Dr. Murphy observed that Kiwanians are generally a healthy group and they live a health life style, when he spoke at the June 8 Kiwanis meeting. This year is the 25th Anniversary of his practice with Suburban Chiropractic Center. He has also been a member of Chatham Kiwanis for 25 years. He has taught at the adult school and is Past President at New Jersey Board of Chiropractic Examiners. The photo shows (L-R) club President Rich Behling welcoming Dr. Murphy to the meeting.

He noted that physiological body reactions (increased pulse rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc.) caused by stressful situations can be unhealthy. We can’t totally eliminate stressful situations but we can live balanced lives so that those situations are handled better by our bodies. His first recommendation is to exercise vigorously at least 20-30 minutes three times per week. Engage in relaxation by reading, Tai Chi, or another enjoyable activity. Have a positive mental outlook. Eat a nutritious diet high in fiber, low in fat and calories. Finally, get enough sleep and seek medical attention if you are not sleeping enough. Click here to visit Dr. Murphy’s website.

Madison High School Key Club Participates in School-Wide Service Day

On June 2, the MHS Key Club participated in the Madison High School Service Day. The Key Club hosted twenty-four 3rd and 4th grade Newark SCEEP students.

The Suburban Cultural Educational Enrichment Program (SCEEP) pairs inner-city children with suburban community high school students, who serve as tutors. On MHS Service Day, the children participated in field day and Color-a-Smile activities. Much fun was had by all.


Chatham High School seniors presented with Kiwanis Music Awards

At the June 4 Annual Awards Assembly held at Chatham High School, four graduating seniors were recipients of Kiwanis Club Music Awards. These awards are given every year. Winners this year were Kevin J. Greener, who received the John Philip Sousa Band Award; Christopher S. Walters who received the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award; Kelly E. Wilber, who received the National School Choral Award and Sarah Wang, who received the National School Orchestra Award. Rich Behling, President of Kiwanis, was on hand to present these awards. Photo shows Rich presenting Orchestra Award to Sarah Wang.


Margie Farrell speak on Franciscan Oaks of Denville, NJ

At the June 1 weekly Kiwanis meeting, Margie Farell described the benefits of living in the Franciscan Oaks retirement community located in Denville, NJ.  Kiwanis member and Franciscan Oaks resident Jim Baker arranged for this talk. Benefits include proximity to downtown Denville, active life style, proximity to health care, a friendly retirement community and continuing care. Click here for the website.

New Member Stu Shippey Welcomed to Kiwanis

In a brief ceremony at the June 1 meeting, the club welcomed new member Stu Shippey. He is a resident of Madison, has been active in Chatham organizations and works in Florham Park. Left to right: Tom Mullin, Stu Shippey and Rich Behling.


Kiwanians Evangeline Lee and AD Dudderar host the Alumni Band Concert.  The "Bed of Torns" band is playing in the background.  This three-hour event provides a venue for local high school musicians and returning alumni musicians to entertain area residents on a pleasant Memorial Day Weekend Sunday evening. It is held in the Bayley-Ellard Field in Madison, NJ. The Concert is jointly sponsored by The Madison Arts and Cultural Alliance, The Kiwanis Club of Madison and Chatham and The Borough of Madison.