Noon luncheon meetings are held on the first two Tuesdays of each month, at Charlie Brown's Steakhouse in Chatham Township. Breakfast meetings are held at 8:00 AM on the last two or three Tuesdays of each month. Breakfast meetings are held at Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse in Chatham Township. Guests are always welcomed to attend our Tuesday meetings. COME JOIN US


Members of Chatham Borough Police Department speak to Kiwanis Meeting

Members of the Chatham Police Dept. spoke at the August 31, 2010 Chatham Kiwanis breakfast meeting held at Charlie Brown’s. The program was arranged by Kiwanian Herb Ramo. Photo (Left to Right): Herb Ramo, Lt. Brian Gibbons, Chief Phillip Crosson, Officer Jason Citrich and Kiwanis President Rich Behling.

Past President Jerry Fedeler attended August 31, 2010 Kiwanis Meeting

Past Kiwanis President Jerry Fedeler traveled from his home in Delaware to attend the August 31 Kiwanis breakfast meeting at Charlie Brown's. Photo shows Kiwanis President Rich Behling enjoying a cup of coffee with Jerry.


Chatham Borough Municipal Clerk Susan Caljean spoke at August 24 Kiwanis meeting.

Chatham Borough Municipal Clerk Susan Caljean gave a presentation on her important and extensive responsibilities. Also attending the meeting were Mayor Nelson Vaughan (left) and Administrator Bob Falzarano (right). Click on this link to view the Chatham website which summarizes her activities. Caljean also distributed a written history (click here to view it in PDF format) of the position of Town Clerk.

Kiwanis August 24 Meeting Announcements

President Rich Behling began announcements by passing around the sign-up sheet for the September 22 Installation Dinner.  He asked members to give payment ($40 per person) to Treasurer Monty Montague. He also passed around the final draft of the club directory for a last review by members. The directory went to the printer after the meeting. The club is looking for a volunteer to be the liaison to the Summit High School Key Club since the Summit Kiwanis has turned in their Charter. Tom reported on the very successful Library Picnic project. Diane O’Brien thanked Tom and the club for the support of the Library of the Chathams. She said Tom has the project down to a science. Leftovers were donated to the Food Pantry. Nancy B. gave a report on the District Convention held at the Hanover Marriott. Marc Litwack was installed as District Governor in his home by a delegate from Italy. Bob reported on awards the club received at the convention. Bob received awards for best club newsletter/bulletin. Gary announced that a Shepard-Kollock Park cleanup will be held on September 16 at 9:00 AM. Nelson Vaughan introduced Laura Silvius, the new editor of


Chatham-Madison Kiwanians attend New Jersey Kiwanis Convention August 21

Chatham-Madison Kiwanis attended the August 21, 2010 New Jersey District Convention held at the Hanover Marriott. Bob Stannard, AD Dudderar, Nancy Boucher and Joan May were photographed by Ron Whalin.  Four of us attended the ELIMINATE break-out session.

“Make A Splash! Read” - Kiwanis Sponsored Library Picnic

The annual Library of the Chathams Summer Reading Program Kiwanis picnic was held on August 19, 2010 in hot, sunny summer weather. The picnic, held in Memorial Park behind the library, was funded and served by the Kiwanis Club of the Chathams. Kiwanis picnic organizer Tom Mullin reported that over 200 hot dogs were served. He also reported that over twenty Kiwanis members and spouses were on hand to grill and serve hot dogs, chips, fruit juice and ice cream.  Photo shows Dick Plamback, Dick Ligertwood, Jerry Cunningham and Monty Montague barbequing hot dogs.

“Make A Splash! Read!” was the theme for the Summer Reading Club at Library of the Chathams this year. The program ran from June 28 to August 19 and was open to all children living or attending school in the Chathams. Children’s Librarian Laura Weinbrom announced at the picnic that 121 student volunteers, with backup from the library staff, listened to book reports made by participating children. Children who read and reported on enough books were invited to the Kiwanis picnic. Weinbrom said that 549 children read and reported on 8004 books. Volunteers who listened to reports contributed 1171 hours with 22 volunteers giving over 20 hours. 

Photo shows Kiwanis project chairman Tom Mullin putting out the charcoal fire using the left-over ice-water as Mal Kitson and Clyde Zukswert look on.


REMEMBERING MEMBER BERT JOHNSON - Chairman of 1996 Kiwanis Library Picnic

BERT JOHNSON, Chatham Kiwanian, is remembered for being the Chairman of the Kiwanis sponsored picnic for the Chatham Library Childrens' Summer Reading Program.  Bert passed away Saturday, August 14, 2010. Memorial service is at the Chatham Township Presbyterian Church at 11:00 AM on Saturday, August 21. Photo shows Bert Johnson (second from left) at Chatham Library Childrens' Summer Reading Program in August 1996. Bert was Chairman of the Kiwanis sponsored picnic for many years. In the photo (L to R), George Baker, Bert Johnson, Heather Alonge and Margaret Nicolais. ALL KIWANIANS PLEASE REPORT FOR DUTY TODAY AUGUST 19 AT 3:00 PM FOR THE 2010 LIBRARY PICNIC.


Jiayun Fang, New Jersey Key Club Division 14 Lt. Governor Speaks to the August 17, 2010 Meeting

Jiayun Fang, New Jersey Key Club Division 14 Lt. Governor, spoke about her duties as leader of Division 14, which includes Madison, Chatham and ECLC Key Clubs. She was introduced by Bob Stannard, on the left in the photo. Jiayun is in the center and on the right is Betty Anne Keat, Chair of Kiwanis Sponsored Youth Programs. Jiayun covered Key Club mission, vision, values and high schools included in Division 14. She overviewed her home club at Milburn HS and described her own Builder’s Club and Key Club experience. One of her goals is to communicate with Key Clubs, members and other organizations. She reviewed other goals which included making sure dues are collected, officers trained, promoting the Childrens’ Specialized Hospital and increasing member involvement in District and International events. She described future activities and plans to support the ELIMINATE Project.

Jiayun also reported to Kiwanis on the Saturday August 14 Division 14 officers and advisors meeting she held at Chatham United Methodist Church with the support of the Chatham-Madison Kiwanis Club. See photo. The meeting included making ribbons for a fund-raiser, review of goals and activities, and a pizza lunch.

Scholarship Winners Meghan Ryan and Sarah Simonson Honored at August 17, 2010 Kiwanis Meeting

President Rich Behling introduced Chatham High School Kiwanis Scholarship winners Meghan Murray and Sarah Simonson. They thanked the club for making the scholarships available to CHS graduates and discussed their Fall college plans. Meghan, in the center in the photo, is attending Yale University where she will study economics and sociology. Sarah, on the right, is attending NYU where she will study business and political economy.

August 17 Kiwanis Meeting Announcements

President Rich Behling Introduced new Kiwanis member Mark Newton, Manager of the Valley National Bank in Chatham. Club Secretary Tom Mullin reminded members to be at the Chatham Library Summer Readers Picnic by 3:00 Pm to cook the hot dogs. Members were reminded that all future lunch meetings will be held at Charlie Brown’s. A sign-up list was passed arround for the Installation Dinner.


Angel Duncan of Morris County Senior Helpers speaks on “How to Sustain your Brain”

Angel Duncan, Program Director of Morris County Senior Helpers, a private home-care company, spoke on “How to Sustain your Brain” at the August 10 Kiwanis meeting held at Charlie Brown’s Restaurant. Herb Ramo (in the photo on the left) introduced Ms. Duncan. Her talk focused on Alzheimer’s disease (5.2 million Americans have it) and steps people can take to deal with it. More common in women, the disease has a genetic link. It can be caused by other factors, like head injuries.

We can sustain the brain through nutrition - the Mediterranean diet helps. Antioxidants and Omega 3 foods are helpful for the brain. Supplements help as well. Red wine is OK.

Another thing that helps is exercise such as walking, swimming, biking and mild weight training.

An important activity is socialization with other people. Maintaining healthy relationships helps.

Don’t dwell on all that bad news on TV and newspapers – look for good things to be involved in. It is good to have healthy routines in your daily life. Do things you enjoy (like Kiwanis Club).

Try mixing up activities – use you left hand instead of your normal right hand to brush your teeth. These exercises slow you down and help build brain cells. Try out new things. Use it or lose it.

Manage stress – try breathing exercises. Get adequate sleep – 71 % of Americans have a sleep disorder, mostly caused by stress. Naps are OK (20-30 minute in the afternoon). Do everything in moderation. Force yourself to slow down.

Art and music therapy are helpful for people who already have Alzheimer’s. The role of seizures is being studied. There is no cure for Alzheimer’s but research is giving hopeful results.

Click here to visit Morris County Senior Helpers’ website.


Ann Marie Manahan Speaks about Morristown Interfaith Food Pantry at August 3 Kiwanis Meeting

Ann Marie Manahan of the Morristown Interfaith Food Pantry was introduced by Clyde Zukswert. Photo shows Kiwanis VP Mary Anne Maloney on the left and Ms. Manahan on the right. Clyde has been a contributor and volunteer, picking up over a half ton of food and delivering it to the Food Pantry. Ann Marie is a Trustee of the Food Pantry and heads up their Capital Campaign. Some people are having a tough time making ends meet and go to the Food Pantry to supplement their food supply. The Pantry distributes almost 400 tons of food to 13,787 people in 5000 households in Morris County. They have clients from every town in the county, including Chatham.

Most of the work is done by volunteers who give 15,000 hours per year. Paid staff is only 20 but there are 260 regular full time volunteers. Even more volunteers come part time. For example, Kiwanis could send teams on an occasional basis to be part of the 930 temporary volunteers who participate every year. The Pantry works to get maximum volunteer and client involvement.

Their motto is “Neighbors Helping Neighbors”. Biggest need for contributions is FOOD. Contributors can also provide money which is used to buy food. They desperately request food now because need rises and contributions fall during the summer. Clients need to make choices of food they will eat that meets their requirements. Kiwanis gives hot dogs left over from the August Chatham Library Picnic and the Food Pantry breaks bulk packages into smaller ones and offers them at the closest distribution night. When food comes in, the first stop is “Triage” where volunteers analyze food to see if it is usable and load it into boxes to take to shelves in the West Hanover Ave. or the 190 Speedwell Ave. distribution sites.

The Pantry is in the midst of a capital campaign. They outgrew West Hanover Ave. space provided by Morris County and they plan to build a storage and distribution facility on Morris County land which is part of the Greystone property.  The goal of the Capital Campaign is $2.7 million and they have already raised $1.5 million. The “little Pantry that could” has done great things in this tough economy. No large gifts, but many ranging from one small $14 donation from a 7-year old to many larger. Click here to learn about “Harvesting Miracles, The Capital Campaign for the Interfaith Food Pantry”.

Click here to see the Interfaith Food Pantry 2009 Annual Report.

Click here to see the Interfaith Food Pantry Spring 2010 Newsletter.

Click here to visit the Interfaith Food Pantry Website. Scroll down to view YouTube video shown at the Kiwanis meeting.

After her presentation about the Food Pantry, Clyde asked Ms. Manahan to share her “cookie story”. …

The story began when she read, with her young daughter, the “American Girl” Mollie McIntire story about making cookies for WWII soldiers. Her daughter said, “lets bake cookies for soldiers.” Ann Marie asked the Daily Record to request cookies from readers. After an article was published, almost 25,000 cookies were contributed along with 800 cards. All were sent to New Jersey National Guard troops in Iraq and to soldiers serving in Afghanistan.

Announcements for the August 3 Kiwanis Meeting

Vice President Mary Anne Maloney officiated at the meeting while President Rich Behling was away.

She called on Nancy Boucher who announced the upcoming NJ District Convention. Attendees will contributions for a food drive collection. Member Marc Litwack will be installed as Governor of the District at the Saturday Governor’s Banquet. There will be a Sunday memorial service for members who passed away during the past year. View the Convention website to learn more.

Nancy Holt invited members to attend a Benevolence Committee meeting scheduled for 1:30 PM on August 10 at the Chatham Methodist Church.

Bob Stannard reported that there will be a NJ Key Club Division 14 meeting to be held at 1:00 PM on Saturday August 14 at The Chatham Methodist Church. Kiwanis members are invited to attend. Click here to view Jiayun Fang’s June-July Key Club Div. 14 Newsletter.

Tom Mullin reminded members about the Chatham Library Summer Reader’s Kiwanis picnic to be held behind the library on August 19 at 3:30 PM.

Mary Anne reminded members that the Installation Dinner will be held at 6:00 PM on Wednesday, September 22 at the Brooklake Country Club. She also mentioned that next week’s August 10 luncheon meeting will be held at Charlie Brown’s.

Kiwanis Luncheon Meeting Held at Charlie Brown’s Restaurant August 3

In August, the Kiwanis Club is holding two luncheon meetings at Charlie Brown’s. Our first meeting was well attended and the food was great. Members could choose between the “Unlimited Farmer’s Market Salad Bar” and a “Special Kiwanis Buffet”. The buffet included chicken-vegetable soup, assorted breads, garden salad, Caesar salad, coleslaw, macaroni salad, rice, veggies, mashed potatoes, roast pork tenderloin, parmesan encrusted chicken, and baked salmon with dill sauce. The desert buffet selections included assorted fruits, cheese cake, and ice cream. Coffee, iced tea and water were available. Everyone looks forward to next week’s buffet.