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Program: "Improving the Lives of Children with Disabilities" by Sandy Josephson, Matheny Medical and Educational Center

John Harter introduced Sandy Josephson, PR Manager of the Matheny Medical and Educational Center. In the above photo (left to right) are Sean P. Murphy, Vice Principal of Matheny School; Sanford Josephson, Director of Marketing & Public Relations; John Harter, member of Kiwanis; and Kevin Ralph, Chief Development Officer. John Harter’s nephew has a son Jack with a rare genetic disease. Jack Harter has started school at Matheny. John was at last Sunday’s fund-raiser in Peapack-Gladstone and saw how happy the kids and adults were with the event.

Sandy started the presentation with a video showing the work of Matheny. Matheny is licensed as a special hospital and a special education school. Their mission is to provide the students and patients with the best quality of life they can. This includes recreation, music and art therapy. Sandy showed a short CBS Channel 2 TV news clip promoting the “Miles for Matheny” event which was held Sunday, April 17.

During Q and A following the presentation, someone asked what the annual budget was at Matheny. The budget is about $43,000,000. Hospital beds are funded by Medicaid and school tuition is funded by the sending school district. Matheny also provides education to school districts, universities and to the medical community. There are approximately 500 staff members. Out-patient service is provided. All are invited to visit and tour Matheny. Click on this link to visit the Matheny website.

Dick Plambeck thanked Sandy and the other Matheny representatives for the work they do and for giving Kiwanis a glimpse into this important Hospital/School facility.

New member, Therese Tadolini, welcomed into Kiwanis at April 19 meeting.

New Member Therese Tadolini (right) was inducted into the club at the April 19 meeting. She was introduced by Mary Anne Maloney (left). Therese is the Chatham Borough Branch Manager for the Peapack-Gladstone Bank. She is a member of her church choir. Chatham-Madison Kiwanis members welcomed and applauded their newest member.

Key Club Division 14 Lt. Gov. visited Chatham-Madison Kiwanis

Karen Swartz (left) introduced Celina Baquiran, the new Key Club Lieutenant Governor of Division 14. A member of Union High School Key Club, she started her Lt. Gov. job officially last week.  She was very happy to meet Chatham-Madison Kiwanis Club members and hopes to work with us to build stronger Key Clubs. Key Clubs in New Jersey District’s Division 14 are Milburn High School, Chatham High School, Madison High School, Union High School, Columbia High School in Maplewood, Jonathan Dayton High School in Springfield Twp. and Summit High School.

Announcements: April 19, 2011 Kiwanis Meeting

Betty Anne Keat announced that the CHS Key Club will meet Wednesday, April 20 at 7:30 PM in the cafeteria. Dave Mutchler passed around a sign-up sheet for the Cole Park 8:00am to 11:00am May 7 (Madison May Day) clean-up. Joan May announced that Madison has approved the Cole Park Community Yard Sale. Nancy announced that the April 12 Recognition Reception was a winner and she thanked everyone involved.


Chatham-Madison Kiwanis Recognition Reception – April 12, 2011

Nancy Holt, Chair of the Chatham-Madison Kiwanis Club Benevolence Committee welcomed everyone and announced that most of the club’s annual contributions to worthy organizations would be made tonight at the Recognition Reception. She said, “We honor you, our honored guests, and the organizations you represent”. The remaining part of the program consisted of presenting checks to organizations, whose representatives gave brief remarks about accomplishments and needs. Nancy introduced Kiwanis Club President Dick Plambeck to present some special awards.
Club President Dick Plambeck gave a brief overview of Kiwanis and described the new Kiwanis International ELIMINATE MNT project. He next gave the evening’s first check to Beth Anne Myarick, representing the Children’s Specialized Hospital (CSH). The NJ Kiwanis District supports CSH. He also presented a check to Nancy Boucher, member of the NJ District Foundation Board, to be sent to Kiwanis District Foundation. NJ Kiwanis District Governor Marc Litwack was present to accept the donation.  Dick then introduced Doug Bryant, former Kiwanis President to give awards to Community Organizations.
Doug Bryant (right) presented a check to Bruce Johnson, Vice-President of Sage, located in Summit, NJ. Sage does many things but is widely known for “Meals on Wheels” delivered to people in need. They delivered 50,000 meals last year.
Doug Bryant presents a check to Mickey Caput, Director of the Senior Service Center of the Chathams.
Doug Bryant (right) presents a check to the Chatham Community Band, represented by Steve Johnson.
Doug Bryant (left) hands a check to Mary Sechehay, representing the Chatham Emergency Squad.
Karen Swartz, one of the members of the Benevolence Committee announced and presented awards to for Community Youth Projects. She presented a check to Al Thomas, who received the check on behalf of the Patriots Path Council, Boy Scouts of America.
Karen Swartz presents a check to Rona Van Antwerp who accepted it on behalf of the local Girls Scouts.
Diane O’Brien, Director of the Library of the Chathams, was recognized for her leadership of the library. Kiwanis sponsors the Children’s Summer Reading Program Picnic held in August every year. The event rewards the children who read books as part of the program.
Diane Mann, CEO of the Madison Area YMCA was honored and given a check. Kiwanis is proud to help support the work of the YMCA.
Ann Goldschmidt accepted a check on behalf of the Chatham Education Foundation. This organization raises money to fund improved education in Chatham.
Karen Swartz (left) presented a check to Bridgett Kelly, Director of Project Community Pride.
Karen Swartz (left) presented a check to Marcy Wecker, who is a leader of the Chatham Community Garden. The contribution supports Kinderplots, which will help children grown vegetables in the garden.
Joan May presented a check to Griff Fielding for the Madison Little League. Chatham Kiwanis sponsors the Kiwanis Little League team. Griff Fielding then presented a plaque with the 2010 Kiwanis team photo to Joan May.
Karen Swartz (left) presented an award to “May Day in Madison” representative Marsha Ann Zimmerman. Kiwanis spruces up Cole Park as part of the annual public service project.
Kiwanis presents awards to all graduates at the annual ECLC graduation ceremony. The club also supports the PRIDE program at ECLC. Karen Swartz (left) acknowledged ECLC recipients Dot Libman (PRIDE Director, center) and Diane Gagliardi (ECLC Chatham School Principal, right).
Karen Swartz (left) presents a check to Evangeline Lee to be sent to “Save-a-Child”. The organization uses the funds to educate children in the Philippines.
Betty Anne Keat acknowledged the contributions made to Kiwanis-Sponsored Student Service Clubs. These include Builders Clubs at Chatham Middle School and St. Patrick’s School, Key Clubs at Chatham High School, Madison High School and ECLC, and Circle-K Club at Drew University.
Joan May (right) presented a check to Carolyn Lake, Assistant Director of the Interfaith Food Pantry. This organization is the recipient of the Kiwanis Community Aid Award
Nancy Boucher presented a special award to Diane Gagliardi, Principal of the Chatham ECLC School. This contribution is part of the proceeds from the annual Kiwanis Wine-Tasting event held in February.


Doug Simon Presents: "Current U. S. Foreign Policy"

Doug Bryant (left) welcomed and introduced speaker Doug Simon (center), Political Science Professor Emeritus from Drew University. Club President Dick Plambeck (right) also welcomed the speaker. Professor Simon is a good friend of the Kiwanis Club and has spoken to the club many times, sharing his expertise on international relations and foreign policy. As in the past, there are a lot of international issues today. Doug Simon shared his analysis and thoughts on current foreign policy.

He did an assessment of the Obama administration - where it has been and where it is going. He was both supportive and critical of this administration in trying to assess where we are going. Upon entering office, Obama was challenged by critical issues: an economy in free fall, the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression, wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and worsening conditions in Pakistan.

The President put together a highly qualified, main stream, centrist foreign policy and national security team. New visions and directions in foreign policy came from Obama himself. However, progress has been slow. Obama is not a soaring visionary – he is a thoughtful problem solver. He has had some serious reality checks on how the international system works, learning from situations he has been forced to confront.

Early on, Obama quickly set a tone for his new administration by, for example, granting a Presidential interview with radio station Al Arabyia. He also re-conceptualized American foreign policy, renewed emphasis on diplomacy and reconstituted the war on terrorism. He placed more emphasis on relations with China and Russia, increased pressure on Iran and continued attention to the Israel-Palestine problem.

Doug devoted his remaining time to analysis of Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan; recent events in North Africa and the Middle East; as well as a few comments on our relationship with Russia and China. Events are still unfolding and we are not sure where this will all end up. Pakistan is a very serious problem, perhaps the most dangerous country in the world. Yemen is becoming a significant problem.

China is growing in financial and political influence. By 2040, China could constitute 40 percent of the World’s GDP. This compares to the present 11 percent. Presently, the United States GDP produces only 21 percent of the World’s GDP.

The essence of Obama’s foreign policy and what might be in store: he has worked hard to change America’s image in foreign countries, his choices for his foreign policy team were very good, he has placed renewed interest on personal diplomacy, and he experienced a giant reality check on his ability to accomplish objectives. Stepped up operations against Al-Qaeda have been successful.

After a brief Q&A, the audience gave Doug an enthusiastic round of applause for his informative and entertaining talk.

Karen Shippey Welcomed into Kiwanis at April 5 Meeting

Melanie Sze (left) introduced new Kiwanis member Karen Shippey (right) at the April 5 meeting. Karen hails from Nebraska, where she got her degree in Nursing. A registered nurse, she worked for 34 years at Morristown Hospital. She now works at the Franklin Surgical Center in Basking Ridge. She has served as a leader in the Girl Scouts and a volunteer with the Chatham United Methodist Church. Members welcomed Karen with a round of applause.

Announcements: April 5, 2011 Kiwanis Meeting

Kiwanis Treasurer Monty Montague reported that the Fish and Chips Dinner was very successful. Dick Plambeck thanked the members for working hard on the fund-raiser. Key Club and Builders Club volunteers also helped at the Fish and Chips Dinner. Nancy Holt reminded members about the Recognition Reception to be held on April 12 at 7:30 pm at Charlie Brown’s. Joan May has received tentative Madison approval for the May 21 Community Yard Sale. An insurance form must be submitted for the sale. Dick Plambeck announced that Gordon Meth of Parsippany Kiwanis was elected Divisional Lt. Governor. He also gave Nancy Holt a pat on the back for her great leadership of the Benevolence Committee.


Chatham High School Key Club visits Children's Specialized Hospital

On March 28, Chatham High School Key Club advisors and 21 student members went on a field trip to the Children's Specialized Hospital (CSH) in Mountainside, NJ. The club has raised funds to support the hospital. This photo, taken by faculty advisor Kiera Spadaro shows the group in the hallways of CSH with patient artwork in the background, Kiwanis advisor Betty Anne Keat is in the background


35th annual Fish and Chips Dinner held on March 30, 2011

The Fish and Chips fund-raising event was very successful with 400 dinners served. Over forty Kiwanis members worked and seventeen Key Club and Builders Club members helped out.
Kitchen leaders Bert Whalin and Nancy Boucher fill cups with coleslaw for carry-out meals.
Jerry Cunningham puts rolls into baggies for carry-out meals.
Joan May arranges cookies on a serving dish before giving it to eat-in guests.
Customer Bob Willis turns in his carry-out meal ticket to Doug Bryant as student volunteer runners wait to fetch hot meals from the kitchen for delivery to customers.
The Kitson family enjoyed their Fish and Chips Dinners while sitting in the Chatham High School Cafeteria.

Announcements: Kiwanis March 29 Meeting

Betty Anne Keat announced that Bob Stannard and Stu Shippey attended the Drew University Circle K meeting last night. The club is reorganizing. The CMS Builders Club is having their stuffed animal contest on Thursday 3/31 as a fund-raiser for Japan and the Children’s Specialized Hospital. Four Kiwanians along with 21 CHS Key Club members and the two faculty advisors went on a field trip to the Children’s Specialized Hospital (CSH). Doug Bryant described the tour. A wish-list of items needed by CSH will be emailed to us. Alan Robertson reviewed planning for the Fish and Chips Dinner. Joan May gave an update for the Cole Park Community Yard Sale on May 21. Dick Plambeck announced that the Lt. Governor election will be held at the Empire Diner on April 4. Dick also announced that we received two service requests. He also noted that Kiwanis International Foundation is sending funds to Japan. Nancy Holt reminded everyone about the Recognition Reception on April 12. She also announced a 10:30 am Benevolence Committee meeting on April 4 at Charlie Brown’s. Doug Bryant announced that Doug Simon will be the speaker at next week’s luncheon meeting. Dick Ligertwood announced that we are now getting $65 per ton for recycled newspapers.