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Program: "Improving the Lives of Children with Disabilities" by Sandy Josephson, Matheny Medical and Educational Center

John Harter introduced Sandy Josephson, PR Manager of the Matheny Medical and Educational Center. In the above photo (left to right) are Sean P. Murphy, Vice Principal of Matheny School; Sanford Josephson, Director of Marketing & Public Relations; John Harter, member of Kiwanis; and Kevin Ralph, Chief Development Officer. John Harter’s nephew has a son Jack with a rare genetic disease. Jack Harter has started school at Matheny. John was at last Sunday’s fund-raiser in Peapack-Gladstone and saw how happy the kids and adults were with the event.

Sandy started the presentation with a video showing the work of Matheny. Matheny is licensed as a special hospital and a special education school. Their mission is to provide the students and patients with the best quality of life they can. This includes recreation, music and art therapy. Sandy showed a short CBS Channel 2 TV news clip promoting the “Miles for Matheny” event which was held Sunday, April 17.

During Q and A following the presentation, someone asked what the annual budget was at Matheny. The budget is about $43,000,000. Hospital beds are funded by Medicaid and school tuition is funded by the sending school district. Matheny also provides education to school districts, universities and to the medical community. There are approximately 500 staff members. Out-patient service is provided. All are invited to visit and tour Matheny. Click on this link to visit the Matheny website.

Dick Plambeck thanked Sandy and the other Matheny representatives for the work they do and for giving Kiwanis a glimpse into this important Hospital/School facility.

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