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July 23 Kiwanis Program: Cynthia Cutcliff spoke on The Compassionate Friends, Supporting Family after a Child Dies.

Cynthia Cutcliff, The Compassionate Friends of Morris Chapter Leader, spoke at the Kiwanis breakfast meeting at Charlie Brown’s in Chatham Township on July 23. Also speaking were Pat Tetta and Jim Lanahan. She introduced her remarks by saying “those who need us will find us and those who find us will be helped.”

The Mission of The Compassionate Friends: When a child dies, at any age, the family suffers intense pain and may feel hopeless and isolated. The Compassionate Friends provides highly personal comfort, hope, and support to every family experiencing the death of a son or a daughter, a brother or a sister, or a grandchild, and helps others better assist the grieving family. There are 640 chapters in the United States. They hold local meetings in Chatham Twp. and Parsippany once a month to help bereaved family members.

Throughout the presentation, the audience loudly applauded the stories shared by Cynthia, Pat and Jim and thanked them for their message.

She handed out brochures for the national organization, which is 501c3. The Morris, NJ area has designed a brochure and needs donations to pay for printing and distributing it. Please support the work of this fine organization. Learn more by visiting the national website and the Morris area website.


Kiwanis July 16 Program: Mary Lloyd, Esq. spoke on "Important papers we should all have."

Mary Lloyd, Esq. spoke on "Important papers we should all have." She is with Stickel Frahn and Lloyd, located in Chatham Borough. She began with an overview of the latest scams and then moved on to documents you need. The first thing is an up-to-date will. Many problems will come up if you don’t have an up-to-date-will. She recommends more than one executor and that all heirs be correctly shown.

She explained “portability” and how a large inheritance can be banked by filling out the correct forms. The banked funds can then be used to reduce estate taxes for subsequent heirs. Older existing trusts must be reviewed in light of the new portability law.

People need to keep in a safe place a record of their logon ID’s and passwords. Lawyers, executors and heirs have a hard time finding and processing accounts without PIN numbers. With the increasing use of technology, this is a growing problem.

Everyone needs a medical power of attorney. Every doctor asks for this and will not help you without it. Someone must know and be available to provide sensitive medical information on your behalf.
Mary talked about other important information that people should keep.  She shared many stories about troubles people encountered when they did not have the needed documents.

The audience enthusiastically applauded her helpful and entertaining presentation.


Kiwanis July 9 Program: Joan Thuebel spoke about her Earthwatch Polar Bear experience in Churchill, Canada.

Kiwanian Joan Thuebel gave a very interesting and educational talk about her trip to Churchill, Canada to study Polar Bears as part of Earthwatch. She started with an overview of Polar Bears. Joan then described the activities she carried out as part of the Earthwatch project.

Because global warming is reducing ice formation, the bears are have a difficult time finding enough food. The bears mate in April and May, but the pregnancy does not start until after the bear eats enough food to produce the required amount of blubber. If the female bear has enough blubber in October, she we will be able to give birth to cubs.

The study observed play-fighting among male bears. Also studied was the effect of humans on the bears. The bears were photographed and their behavior was documented.
Joan showed excellent slides of Polar Bears and their habitat. The members of the audience enthusiastically applauded this entertaining and educational presentation.

Boy Scout Troop 8 Eagle Scout candidate Brian Goldstein gave an overview of his project at the July 9 Kiwanis luncheon meeting.

Boy Scout Troop 8 Eagle Scout candidate Brian Goldstein is requesting financial backing for his project. The project is an environmental experiment and educational tool for Milton Ave. School. Natural species of plants at the school have been driven out by deer and have been replaced by invasive species. Two deer exclosures (enclosures that keep deer out), 4 wooden benches and an information kiosk will be constructed behind the school. Invasive species of plants will be removed from both exclosures. In one exclosure, the natural plants will be restored and the soil in the other exclosure will just be left alone to let nature take its course.

The primary beneficiary is the Chatham environmental commission but the school would also see benefits from the project. Brian has requested funding from Chatham JC’s, Chatham Environmental Commission, Milton Ave. PTO, and the Soil Conservation District of Morris Co. These organizations have also suggested Kiwanis as a source of funding. Cost of the project is $2,50; so far, Brian has raised about $1,000. He sent an article requesting local residents for support to the Chatham Courier, asking that it be printed. Checks should be made out to Troop 8 with Brian Goldstein Eagle Project in the memo field and sent to the Ogden Presbyterian Church (which sponsors the troop). He closed by asking Kiwanis to make a donation to his project. Everyone enthusiastically applauded the presentation.

Fourth of July 2013 Parade


Roland Romano, Community Outreach Coordinator, Lung Cancer Institute, Saint Barnabas Medical Center spoke on the International Early Lung Cancer Action Program.

Roland Romano (right in photo), Community Outreach Coordinator, Lung Cancer Institute, Saint Barnabas Medical Center spoke about the International Early Lung Cancer Action Program. Bridged Saggese, Nurse Navigator is on the right in the photo.

Roland told the audience that Lung Cancer is the most prevalent cause of death due to cancer; yet early detection tests are not widely available. To correct this situation, Barnabas Medical Center is offering people free low-dose CT screening if they are at high risk.  85 percent of lung cancer is caused by smoking. By stopping smoking, people can significantly reduce their likelihood of developing cancer.

Lung cancer is almost always discovered in late stages, where it cannot be successfully cured. By the time symptoms are apparent, the cancer is in late stages. However, lung cancer can be effectively treated if found very early in its development. That is why screening is very important.

Bridget will discuss risk factors with potential candidates. People who have been exposed to smoking and other risk factors are asked to call 973-322-6644. Also, please visit the Barnabas Lung Cancer website to learn more.