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Boy Scout Troop 8 Eagle Scout candidate Brian Goldstein gave an overview of his project at the July 9 Kiwanis luncheon meeting.

Boy Scout Troop 8 Eagle Scout candidate Brian Goldstein is requesting financial backing for his project. The project is an environmental experiment and educational tool for Milton Ave. School. Natural species of plants at the school have been driven out by deer and have been replaced by invasive species. Two deer exclosures (enclosures that keep deer out), 4 wooden benches and an information kiosk will be constructed behind the school. Invasive species of plants will be removed from both exclosures. In one exclosure, the natural plants will be restored and the soil in the other exclosure will just be left alone to let nature take its course.

The primary beneficiary is the Chatham environmental commission but the school would also see benefits from the project. Brian has requested funding from Chatham JC’s, Chatham Environmental Commission, Milton Ave. PTO, and the Soil Conservation District of Morris Co. These organizations have also suggested Kiwanis as a source of funding. Cost of the project is $2,50; so far, Brian has raised about $1,000. He sent an article requesting local residents for support to the Chatham Courier, asking that it be printed. Checks should be made out to Troop 8 with Brian Goldstein Eagle Project in the memo field and sent to the Ogden Presbyterian Church (which sponsors the troop). He closed by asking Kiwanis to make a donation to his project. Everyone enthusiastically applauded the presentation.

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