Noon luncheon meetings are held on the first two Tuesdays of each month, at Charlie Brown's Steakhouse in Chatham Township. Breakfast meetings are held at 8:00 AM on the last two or three Tuesdays of each month. Breakfast meetings are held at Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse in Chatham Township. Guests are always welcomed to attend our Tuesday meetings. COME JOIN US


Bailey Brower, Jr. Presents Chatham Township History at April 27 Meeting

Bailey Brower and his wife Taz attended the April 27 meeting. Bailey has lived his life in Chatham Township and his roots go back to 1640 when ancestors emigrated from Holland to Manhattan. Shortly before the Revolutionary War, ancestors moved to Chatham Township and have played an important part of the community ever since. Bailey is a member of the Township Committee and has been active in government for many years. He and his wife Taz managed the Noe Pond Club. He spoke about the history of Chatham Township, giving inside details of evolution of our town. Kiwanis club members were fascinated by his stories and an active Q and A session followed his remarks. He suggested reading the following book to learn more: "Memories Entwined with Roses" by Ruth Pierson Churchill. He also recommended visiting the Chatham Township Historical Society for maps and other information.

Announcements for April 27 Breakfast Meeting

President Rich announced at the April 27 meeting that Joan came through her knee surgery, is in rehab at RIM and is doing well. Drew Circle K Club is having a textbook drive and a flyer is available on the club website. Drew will take encyclopedias and other large books, which can be dropped off at many locations on campus. Numbered stakes were made by Dick Ligertwood for the May 15 Yard Sale. Rich and John will place the 24 stakes on table sites the night before the sale. About a dozen table spaces have been sold so far. The sign-up sheet for the Sale was circulated again. Rich reported that the Church Service and Brunch was great and recommend that more people come next year. Brunch was held in a very nice semi-private room at Winberie’s. Rich also showed a plaque from Madison Little League of members of the Kiwanis team. Charlie Brown’s will be asked to mount the plaque in the Kiwanis meeting room.

Jerry reminded all that the Madison May Day Cole Park clean-up will be next Saturday from 8:00am to 12:00pm. Members should bring their own tools but some may be provided by Madison. After the meeting, AD said she will pick up T-shirts and available tools on the Thursday before the event.

Nancy Boucher announced the names of the nominees for 2010-2011 officers of the club. Look at the list in the page in the right margin of this Blog. Joan May will be the new Vice President and the three 2013 Class Elected Directors are Douglas Bryant, Karen Schwartz and Melanie Sze. Per our club by-laws, we announce the slate at the last meeting of April. Nominations from the floor are accepted at the next meeting on May 4. Members vote on the slate at the second meeting in May, which is May 11. The Secretary position is filled by the Board at a later time.


Kiwanis Church Visit and Sunday Brunch – April 26 2010

Kiwanis makes an annual donation to each of the 12 churches in Chatham – we believe in their missions. Annually, representative members attend a selected service, this year at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church. Pastor Wendolyn Trozzo welcomed us and told us that our contribution supports their “Taking Faith Home” program. After the service we enjoyed Sunday brunch at Winberie’s in Summit. All had a wonderful time.

Earth Day with Chatham Daisy Girl Scouts

Daisy Girl Scouts helped Chatham Kiwanis celebrate Earth Day last week by recycling newspapers. Our club earns about $3,000 per year by collecting newspapers and selling them to a recycling firm.


New Jersey Colonial Crossroads Red Cross Chapter Presentation – April 20 Kiwanis Breakfast Meeting at Charlie Brown’s

Christine Hodde, Executive Director of the American Red Cross Colonial Crossroads Chapter overviewed the good work that organization does for our community and the World. She has been active in the Red Cross for many years. Recently consolidated into the Summit, NJ chapter house, her organization serves 128,000 people in 10 Union and Morris County towns. The Red Cross has its roots in New Jersey - Clara Barton taught school in our state. Founded in 1917, the local chapter provided the ambulance corps for the fledgling Overlook Hospital in Summit.

Their mission is to respond to disasters and to help people prevent and prepare for disasters. Local volunteers help in local disasters, teams were sent to fires in Chatham and Florham Park. Volunteers are also sent to World disasters – a Haitian chaplain at Overlook Hospital was sent to USNS “Comfort” stationed off Haiti to help rescue and recovery from the earthquake. Other disaster support includes providing shelter, food, pure water, mental health counseling and transition from immediate to long term solutions.

Many classes are offered: Life Guard, CPR, Baby Sitting, Organization and Personal Preparedness, etc. These classes help prevent or prepare for disasters. Frequent blood drives are held to improve supplies, which tend to run short in New Jersey. Recent legislation permits 16-year olds to give blood with parental consent. Volunteers provide transportation assistance in Union County. Medical equipment (crutches, walkers, wheel chairs, etc.) are collected and stored and then loaned to those who need the items.

The Red Cross depends on the generosity of donors. Donations are put to work locally and in broader world projects. Please contribute funds and become a volunteer. Photo: Christine Hodde and Chatham Kiwanis President Rich Behling.

Chatham High School Key Club Presentation – April 20, 2010 Breakfast at Charlie Brown’s

Faculty advisor Kiera Acri went with CHS Key Club members to the annual NJ District Convention in Valley Forge, PA. She and other New Jersey faculty advisors held a workshop where they discussed ways for improving participation with sponsoring Kiwanis Clubs. One goal is to make a joint project where Key Club and Kiwanis can work together.

Treasurer Natalie Ivers reported that the convention began with ceremonies, talks by NJ District Key Club Board members on their responsibilities, and Children’s Specialized Hospital presentations. Convention participants attended three workshops: (1) officer jobs (for example treasurer), (2) how to get more participation from members and (3) college transition. A subject of interest was Jersey Key Newsletter. The editor covers subjects like candidates for district board positions. For Treasurers, collecting dues is the most important job. CHS received the “early bird award” for getting people to pay their dues on time. A goal for next year is to work on a t-shirt project and to spend more time on the budget process.

President Annie Monson is making plans for next year. In the past, there have been lots of sign-up’s early in the year - then participation dwindles through the year. Ideas to consider which will spark more involvement: make meetings move, better agenda, manage the meeting location, set out snacks, advertise dates and work the calendar better. Meetings could include recognition of members with most points and there could be sporting events. Her goal is to get people really excited about being members.

Vice President Christy Kim will be focusing her attention on fund raising. She will be working on a design for a t-shirt that can be sold, with profits contributed to good causes like the Children’s Specialized Hospital

Red Cross is the program at April 20 breakfast meeting

At the April 20 breakfast meeting, Dick Plambeck will introduce speaker Christine Hodde, Executive Director of the American Red Cross Colonial Crossroads Chapter. This chapter serves our local area.  Click on this link to learn more about the Red Cross.


Chatham High School Key Club will come to April 20 Breakfast Meeting at Charlie Brown's

CHS Key Club meets with us for breakfast at Charlie Brown's 8:00 AM 4/20/10.  Get to know the advisors and officers of Chatham High School Key Club. They are really great and have a lot to report.


Roger Rogalin and Ralph Goodwin discuss 2010-11 Chatham School Budget

Photo: Roger Rogalin (left) and Ralph Goodwin. At our April 13 luncheon meeting at Brooklake Country Club, Roger Rogalin, President of the Board of Education for the School District of the Chathams spoke to the Kiwanis Club of the Chathams about current events in our schools. Also presenting information on the budget for the coming year was Ralph Goodwin, School Business Administrator and Board Secretary for the School District of the Chathams. This school district is a top performing district in providing effective education while cost per pupil is maintained below state average. The final budget proposal was discussed with quite a lot of Q and A from Kiwanis members. Members in attendance were very interested in the topic. Click here to view the PowerPoint slides used in the presentation.

Drew University Circle K Club - Guests at April 13 Meeting

Photo (left to right): Circle K Club Faculty Advisor Professor Amy Koritz, Special Activities Coordinator Gabrielle Kostiuk, President Danielle Gregor, Member Victoria Dayton, and Club Secretary Sarah Cronholm. Professor Koritz described the work of the Drew Center for Civic Engagement. Started in 2008, the mission is to connect education to effective action in the world. Click here to learn about the Center for Civic Engagement.

President Gregor described recent club activities: helping Kiwanis with Pasta Dinner, Nut Sales and Fish & Chips Dinner; raising almost $500 through the “Relay for Life” and working to support “Alex’s Lemonade Stand” at Drew. The club attended the NJ District Circle K Convention where they received the Robert J. Mascenik award, which is given to the club that has done an outstanding amount of service throughout the past year. Click here to view the website for NJ District of Circle K.


Roger Rogalin is presentor for April 13 Meeting

Roger Rogalin, President of the Board of Education for the School District of the Chathams will speak to the Kiwanis Club of the Chathams about current events in our schools. The meeting on April 13, 2010 begins at 12:10 PM at Brooklake Country Club, 139 Brooklake Rd in Florham Park.


Madison Kiwanis Little League Opening Day April 10, 2010

The first photo is of the Madison Kiwanis Little League team, which is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of the Chathams, serving the Chatham and Madison area. Team members and coaches marched in the opening day parade from St. Vincent’s church through downtown Madison to Dodge Field. Before the event, Kiwanians Joan, Nancy, Dick and Ron (with help from Bert) set up a sponsors’ table to hand out literature and sell nuts (see second photo). Our baseball team is called the “Kiwanis” team. We wish our “Kiwanis” team, a wonderful season.


The 3 Steps Program Presented April 6

Bernadette Jusinski (left) and Jackie Wiegand told our luncheon meeting at Brooklake Country Club about their new program, called “The 3 Steps”. They are assembling a collection of resource material for retirement planning which can be obtained at the reference desk of the Library of the Chathams. The three steps: (1) Know yourself, (2) Know the facts, (3) Consider the options.

Hal Wittlinger Joins Chatham Kiwanis

At the April 6 meeting, Hal Wittlinger became a member of our club. See photo of Hal (left) and his sponsor Rich Behling, President of Kiwanis Club of the Chathams. Hal’s wife Marilyn Wittlinger attended the induction into the club.

ECLC Key Club visits April 6 Meeing

ECLC of New Jersey Key Club attended the April 6 luncheon meeting. Assistant Principal Susan Tillis, Key Club faculty advisor Samantha Zelevansky, and two Key Club officers reported on recent activities. See photo of Key Club secretary (left) and faculty advisor. The club raised money for Special Olympics, Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter and Haiti Relief.


Kiwanis Youth Service Clubs attend April Chatham Kiwanis Meetings

Three Kiwanis sponsored youth service clubs in the Chatham-Madison area will come to regular weekly “Kiwanis Club of the Chathams” meetings during the month of April 2010. Faculty advisors and students from ECLC of New Jersey, Drew University Circle K and Chatham High School Key Club will join us. The plan is to have a sponsored youth club member, (these clubs are sponsored by Chatham Kiwanis) make a brief presentation at the start of the meeting. Advisors will also speak before the club and introduce students. Our usual pre-meal song-singing periods will be replaced by the presentations. As of today, the schedule for these visits is listed below:

April 6, 2010 - ECLC of New Jersey adviser Samantha Zelevansky and Key Club members.

April 13, 2010 - Drew University Circle K advisor Professor Amy Koritz and Circle K Club President Danielle Gregor.

April 20, 2010 – Chatham High School Key Club advisors Rich Yar and Kiera Acri and Key Club officers.

The CHS Key Club plans to attend the April 16-18 NJ District Key Club Convention in King of Prussia, PA so we will also get a timely update on Key Club activities for New Jersey.


April 6 Program: "The 3 Steps"

At the Kiwanis April 6 Brooklake Country Club luncheon meeting, our speakers will be Bernadette Jusinski and Jackie Wiegand of Chatham. They have founded a new organization called “The 3 Steps”. The mission of "The 3 Steps" is to offer information and access to resources for the adult population as they grow older, to assist in determining how people care for themselves and their loved ones in retirement. The speakers have volunteered in many organizations and have experience in education and social services. Come to the luncheon and learn about this important new development.


Fish and Chips Report

Leader of the Fish and Chips Dinner Event Alan Robertson reported at the March 30 Meeting that the net income was about $4,400. Thank you Alan for the leadership and to all the Kiwanis members and sponsored youth clubs who made the event a success.