Noon luncheon meetings are held on the first two Tuesdays of each month, at Charlie Brown's Steakhouse in Chatham Township. Breakfast meetings are held at 8:00 AM on the last two or three Tuesdays of each month. Breakfast meetings are held at Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse in Chatham Township. Guests are always welcomed to attend our Tuesday meetings. COME JOIN US


Announcements for April 27 Breakfast Meeting

President Rich announced at the April 27 meeting that Joan came through her knee surgery, is in rehab at RIM and is doing well. Drew Circle K Club is having a textbook drive and a flyer is available on the club website. Drew will take encyclopedias and other large books, which can be dropped off at many locations on campus. Numbered stakes were made by Dick Ligertwood for the May 15 Yard Sale. Rich and John will place the 24 stakes on table sites the night before the sale. About a dozen table spaces have been sold so far. The sign-up sheet for the Sale was circulated again. Rich reported that the Church Service and Brunch was great and recommend that more people come next year. Brunch was held in a very nice semi-private room at Winberie’s. Rich also showed a plaque from Madison Little League of members of the Kiwanis team. Charlie Brown’s will be asked to mount the plaque in the Kiwanis meeting room.

Jerry reminded all that the Madison May Day Cole Park clean-up will be next Saturday from 8:00am to 12:00pm. Members should bring their own tools but some may be provided by Madison. After the meeting, AD said she will pick up T-shirts and available tools on the Thursday before the event.

Nancy Boucher announced the names of the nominees for 2010-2011 officers of the club. Look at the list in the page in the right margin of this Blog. Joan May will be the new Vice President and the three 2013 Class Elected Directors are Douglas Bryant, Karen Schwartz and Melanie Sze. Per our club by-laws, we announce the slate at the last meeting of April. Nominations from the floor are accepted at the next meeting on May 4. Members vote on the slate at the second meeting in May, which is May 11. The Secretary position is filled by the Board at a later time.

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