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Angel Duncan of Morris County Senior Helpers speaks on “How to Sustain your Brain”

Angel Duncan, Program Director of Morris County Senior Helpers, a private home-care company, spoke on “How to Sustain your Brain” at the August 10 Kiwanis meeting held at Charlie Brown’s Restaurant. Herb Ramo (in the photo on the left) introduced Ms. Duncan. Her talk focused on Alzheimer’s disease (5.2 million Americans have it) and steps people can take to deal with it. More common in women, the disease has a genetic link. It can be caused by other factors, like head injuries.

We can sustain the brain through nutrition - the Mediterranean diet helps. Antioxidants and Omega 3 foods are helpful for the brain. Supplements help as well. Red wine is OK.

Another thing that helps is exercise such as walking, swimming, biking and mild weight training.

An important activity is socialization with other people. Maintaining healthy relationships helps.

Don’t dwell on all that bad news on TV and newspapers – look for good things to be involved in. It is good to have healthy routines in your daily life. Do things you enjoy (like Kiwanis Club).

Try mixing up activities – use you left hand instead of your normal right hand to brush your teeth. These exercises slow you down and help build brain cells. Try out new things. Use it or lose it.

Manage stress – try breathing exercises. Get adequate sleep – 71 % of Americans have a sleep disorder, mostly caused by stress. Naps are OK (20-30 minute in the afternoon). Do everything in moderation. Force yourself to slow down.

Art and music therapy are helpful for people who already have Alzheimer’s. The role of seizures is being studied. There is no cure for Alzheimer’s but research is giving hopeful results.

Click here to visit Morris County Senior Helpers’ website.

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  1. Angel's amazing. She's a real difference-maker.