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Kiwanis September 10 Meeting Program: William Styple, Chatham Resident, Civil War historian and author, talked about his latest book, "McClellan's Other Story"

William Styple (left), Chatham Resident, Civil War historian and author, talked about his latest book, "McClellan's Other Story" at the September 10 Kiwanis luncheon held at Charlie Brown’s Restaurant in Chatham Township. He was introduced by Tony Britt (right in photo).

Here is a summary of the book, posted in McClellan's Other Story -- The Political Intrigue of Colonel Thomas M. Key, Confidential Aide to General George B. McClellan. Now available for the first time -- the Untold Political History of the Civil War. This is the biography of Kentucky-born Colonel Thomas Marshall Key (1819-1869) who served as a Confidential Aide and Political Adviser on the staff of General George B. McClellan from 1861-1863. Recently discovered documents and letters reveal that the enigmatic Colonel Key was the author of most of McClellan's political orders and letters, including the infamous Harrison's Landing Letter of July 7, 1862 to Abraham Lincoln, warning the President not to turn the struggle into -- a War of Emancipation. In their wartime and post-war writings, fellow staff officers criticized Colonel Key, calling him the Power Behind the Throne, and the Evil Genius of George McClellan, blaming him for his dubious political advice. McClellan's Other Story contains numerous unpublished letters and documents, and will show evidence that Colonel Key's political interference prolonged the war and cost thousands of lives, and also effectively ruined the military career of General George B. McClellan.

William Styple told Kiwanians in the audience a fascinating tale, which kept everyone interested all the way through the story. Everyone enthusiastically applauded the excellent presentation. To learn more about the book, look it up at

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