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October 1 Program: Caroline Knott of the Chatham Historical Society spoke on "Chatham Township Historical Markers"

Caroline Knott (right in photo) of the Chatham Historical Society spoke on "Chatham Township Historical Markers" at the October 1 Kiwanis luncheon at Charlie Brown’s restaurant in Chatham Township.  John Eyre (left in the photo), the new President of the Kiwanis Club officiated at the meeting.

Caroline started by saying that several years ago Chatham Township Committeeman Bailey Brower suggested that markers be placed beside the historic places in the Township. Caroline Knott carried out the project, in cooperation with the Township Committee, leading to the placement of eleven signs. She presented a PowerPoint photo show that included all the signs. As she covered each sign, she described the history of the site.

The objective of placing the signs was to educate the residents of the community about the rich history of the area.

At the end of her remarks, Bailey Brower praised the work of Caroline and Bob Knott and the Chatham Township Historical Society leaders and members.

To learn more, everyone is invited to read the signs as they discover them at the roadside and to read about them on the society website: A PDF file describing the signs can be downloaded at the site.

At the end of the presentation, the audience enthusiastically applauded this civic project and Caroline’s interesting and entertaining presentation.

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