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Chatham Mayor Nelson Vaughan spoke to Kiwanis on bipartisanship in politics

President Mary Anne Maloney welcomed Chatham Mayor Nelson Vaughan who spoke to his fellow Kiwanians at the October 11 luncheon meeting. Nelson feels very strongly that this county needs bipartisanship in politics.

He pointed out that bipartisanship has worked in the past. When our founding fathers met to establish the United States, they understood that the common values that are shared are stronger than the less important differences that divide us.

We face major problems today. Democrats and Republicans should work together to create common-sense solutions using shared visions. As an example, our great President Dwight Eisenhower regarded Political Party difference as unimportant when he ran for president of the country. 

In his early years, Nelson was a Republican and campaigned on behalf of Republican candidates. More recently, in 2004, he registered as a Democrat because he felt that changes were needed.
Nelson believes that there are good people on both sides of the aisle. Both parties generally have the same goals, but have different ideas on how to achieve those goals. Republican Leona Brown suggested that Democrat Nelson Vaughan run for Chatham Mayor – and he won. Republicans and Democrats working together, that is what it should be.

As Mayor, he wants to work with all residents, whether they agree with him or not. There is no partisanship in wanting to have a beautiful downtown Chatham, creating a Farmers Market, making the Borough greener, and establishing a Community Garden. Everyone wants Chatham to be a great Borough.

Although a Democrat, Nelson is a financial conservative. However, he is more in the middle on Social issues. He and the Council have worked together to accomplish many things. For example, the recreation fields have been greatly improved. In spite of the recession, improved services have been provided while keeping taxes under control.

We can overcome common challenges when we stand on common ground. After he took office, Nelson was asked by a relative of a resident who died in 9/11 to construct a Chatham monument. His greatest helper was Representative Republican Rodney Frelinghuysen. The monument was built on time.

Nelson is proud to be a Democrat but he also supports Republican candidates representing Chatham in the NJ State Legislature. Nelson called for voters to support leaders who will create a shared vision and work to achieve the best compromises to resolve differences.

After a round of applause from club members, Mary Anne Maloney thanked Nelson for his devotion to Chatham and for helping us to be a wonderful town.

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