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March 19 Program: Dennis Kohl, Scout Executive for Patriots' Path Council presented the "LEDR - Leadership Excellence - Direct Results Program".

Scout Executive Dennis Kohl (right) was introduced by Past Kiwanis Club President Dick Plambeck (right) at the March 19 Chatham-Madison Kiwanis Club breakfast meeting held at Charlie Brown’s restaurant in Chatham Township. Dennis is Scout Executive for Patriots’ Path Council of Boy Scouts of America. He gave an overview of the new LEDR – Leadership Excellence – Direct Results Program”.

LEDR is a weeklong retreat designed to give students a chance to explore their leadership skills, to connect with peers, and to learn how to get involved in their community. This one week program is to be hosted at Camp Winnebago for 15-20 year old boys and girls. This program will be offered to current scouts and non-scouts with registration occurring during the application process.

Dennis started his presentation by giving an update on the Patriot’s Path Council (Morris, Sussex, Union and Somerset counties). In the past year, 345 young men became Eagle Scouts. Ten percent of their scouts become Eagle Scouts, compared with four percent nationwide. There are three outstanding Scout troupes in Chatham. Scouting is doing well, especially in our area.

Scouting is known for developing leaders. A new foundation and program was developed by Dennis with the assistance of Eagle Scouts to expand and focus efforts on leadership training.

Dennis presented a complete and clear description of LEDR. He asked Kiwanis to sponsor a student. The audience was very impressed with the program and enthusiastically applauded after a short Q & A session. To learn more, please visit the LEDR website.

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