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Kiwanis March 12 Program: Dick Plambeck gave an overview of the Chatham Borough Environmental Commission’s "Explore Chatham” Website.

Dick Plambeck (left), member of the Chatham Environmental Commission, was introduced by Joan May (right) at the March 12 Kiwanis luncheon.  Dick described the new “Explore Chatham” website. He brought along a poster which is in the background in the photo. The Environmental Commission invites you to “take a hike”.

Dick worked with two highly qualified volunteers to produce the “Explore Chatham” program and website. Four trails have maps and descriptions which link to historic places and events. Residents and visitors can learn about the town while they enjoy their hike. The website lets people upload photos. There are also links to similar websites for Mendham, Chester and other towns. To view the website, open Google and type in “Explore Chatham” – then select the Borough website.

Trails are rated (for example, degree of difficulty) and downloadable maps are provided. Dick and the two volunteers are Boy Scouts and believe in being prepared. Information needed to hike the trails safely is provided on the website. There are wooded paths through forests, urban paths on sidewalks, and hybrid paths (combinations of both).

Descriptions of the trails are complete, including hyperlinks to other websites. For example, the Cornell ornithology website is used for birds. The “About” section includes the benefits for using the trails. Dick showed and described some of the photos on the “Photo Reel”. The Interactive Google Map shows hiker icons at each of the four trails and you can click on the symbol to go to the trail map.

What’s next? The program is coordinated with the Mayor’s Wellness Campaign and will be coordinated with other organizations.  Trails are being improved and new ones planned. Stanley Park trail needs improvement and that will be done starting 8:00 AM April 20. Also, a photo-contest is being planned. QR code signs are being planned for providing links to trail information for hikers.  Dick also recommended smart-phone Apps iBird and Leafsnap to use along the trail.

Members of the audience were delighted by the trails and the excellent presentation by Dick. To learn more, please visit the website.

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