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July 19 Program: Dr. Joe Murphy spoke on “How to be Healthy”

Dr. Joe Murphy, Chatham Chiropractor and member of Kiwanis gave a talk on five essential components for being healthy.
1.  Nutrition: Eat a high fiber, low fat diet containing 30 % protein (mostly fish and chicken), 50 % carbohydrates (mostly composed of vegetables) and 20 % fats.
2.  Exercise: Regular exercise, 30 minutes 3 times a week. 20 minutes aerobic...walking, swimming, etc...10 minutes strength weights.
3.  Rest: You need 6-8 hours of sleep, not resting on a couch, per night. A person needs 3 to 4 hours of continuous sleep for the brain to rest.  Lying on a couch rests the body, not the brain. Use a firm mattress.
4.  Have a Good Mental Outlook on Life:  Waiting for happiness is not an option.
5.  Use Health-Care Providers:  Go to doctors and exercise people who are trained and you can relate to and understand.

Joan May with Dr. Joe Murphy

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