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Announcements at Kiwanis July 5 Meeting

Dick Plambeck announced that Sharon Johnson and Gary Arnesen will co-chair the Pasta Dinner fundraiser. The next Board meeting is Wednesday, July 20 at the Methodist Church. District Convention will be August 19-21. He passed around thank-you notes from ECLC graduates and an invitation to a Boy Scout camp open house. Mal Kitson was given a standing ovation for managing the hugely successful Kiwanis march in the Independence Day Parade. He thanked Mary Anne Maloney and Nancy Boucher for managing the decoration of the Lady Liberty and Chatham Band floats. Karen Shippey made a very nice flame to sit at the top of Lady Liberty’s torch. There were many marchers. Click here to view the YouTube video (shot by Stu Shippey) of Kiwanis floats and marchers. Nancy reported that $390 in supermarket gift certificates have been collected from Kiwanis members to give to the Eric Johnson House. She also announced that members can contribute their loose pocket change (deposit in the container at the check-in table) to go to the ELIMINATE project. Karen Swartz reminded members to bring in items to donate to Eric Johnson House.

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