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July 12 Program: March of Dimes Foundation.

Started in January of 1938 by President Franklin Roosevelt as the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis (NFIP) to combat Polio, with which he was afflicted.  After the Foundation funded research that led to vaccines by Salk and Sabine, and the virtual elimination of Polio, the mission was changed to Fighting Birth Defects, and eventually to Improving the Health of Mothers and Babies.

The North Jersey Chapter of March of Dimes, located in Pine Brook, sent its Community Director, Jacqueline (Jackie) Kelly, to bring us up to date,  Ms. Kelly brought with her, Gina Ihne to share in her presentation.  Our speakers were introduced by Herb Ramo.

Much of the current effort and research is focused on reducing the number of premature babies, for they often suffer from birth defects and conditions like Cerebral Palsy and Autism.  It is particularly severe in the inner cities, where pregnant mothers don’t have (or don’t seek) the pre-natal advice and treatment that could make a difference.  In Camden, Jersey City, and Newark, support groups are formed, consisting of 8 to 12 pregnant women.  They are advised on the importance of pre-natal care, and encouraged to participate in “The program”. The results have been very positive.  Conclusion: It works!

The Program is aided by the participation of medical companies, including Johnson & Johnson, and by the financial support of those leaders and volunteers who conduct the successful fundraisers.  The first of the “Walk for a Cure” fundraisers was the Foundation-sponsored Walk-America in 1970.  It has continued to this day, and is now called, March for Babies.

At the conclusion of the program, President Dick Plambeck presented our traditional Kiwanis pens as a token of our appreciation.

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