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Kiwanis August 28 Program: Dr. Joseph J. Murphy spoke on Chiropractic Service Benefits.

Dr. Joseph J. Murphy spoke on Chiropractic Service Benefits at the August 28 Kiwanis breakfast meeting. Joe is a long time member of Kiwanis, a certified Chiropractor and Director of the Suburban Chiropractic Center in Chatham. Chiropractic means “to work with the hands.” This comes from the Greek language. “Chiro” means with the hands and “practic” is to do work.

To explain how Chiropractic developed, he gave an overview of the history of medical treatments. As recently as the late 19th century, people had no idea how our bodies work. They didn’t know what health was about or what sickness was about. There were various theories about why diseases developed, like blockages in the circulatory system or blockages in the nervous system. At that time, there were many alternative treatments which were not proven scientifically.

In the early 1920 period, the introduction of drugs like antibiotics and sulfa was based on real scientific understanding of what health was about.
Today, most of the health problems we have are not caused by organisms, but are chronic malfunctions of our body, like cancer.
At the end of the 20th century, Chiropractors believed that blockages in the nervous system causes the body’s immune system to not be able to fight off infections or not be able to repair itself as it should. Removal of the blockage would help the body cure itself when under attack.

Joe distributed a brochure from the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners explaining the scientific studies that support Chiropractic services. The body will be able to better fight of problems if we eat the right food, exercise, drink good water, breath good air, etc.

Even though the citizens of the USA spend a lot on medical service and have the best services available, we are the 37th healthiest nation in the world. Improving the outcome of medical treatment is probably not to use more technology. Instead, it could be use of alternative treatment methods.
Chiropractic treatment removes nervous system interference. Chiropractors are trained to treat disorders that don’t require surgery or medicine. Examples of problems Joe treats are a sore shoulder or back. People also come to him for headaches. He treats sports injuries.

Joe used a model of the human spine to explain the function and importance of the spine, which contains the main nerves going from your body to your brain. The spine is the first part of an embryo to develop – it is probably the most important part of the body.

After a question and answer session, the audience enthusiastically applauded Joe’s entertaining, interesting and helpful presentation. To learn more, please visit Dr. Murphy’s website.


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  2. It is so true that degenerative diseases like cancer are not only caused by a person's lifestyle or diet, but it's also caused by certain blockages in the system. It's good to know that chiropractors exist, so we have other choice than drugs and medicines for our health.

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