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Announcements: Kiwanis August 28 Meeting

Announcements at the Kiwanis August 28 Meeting: Mary Anne thanked Tom for leading the very successful Chatham Library Summer Reading Club Picnic. Tom responded that it was an easy project to run. The kids loved it. Diane O’Brien thanked everyone for providing the food part of the celebration and she presented a special photo to Tom.

Mary Anne also invited everyone to attend the installation dinner on September 18. The NJ District incoming governor will attend the dinner meeting. She also announced that the Somerset Patriots minor league baseball team will have a Kiwanis Day on September 22. If over 30 people attend the 7:05 PM game, there will be a price of $7.50. Even without the discount the price is quite reasonable.  Also, there is a fireworks show at the end of the game. It should be a fun night. She reminded everyone to respond to Marty’s offer to hold a CPR training session.

Dick Plambeck thanked Monty and John for spending a couple of hours clearing parts of a fallen tree (a snag) which was blocking the Passaic River near Stanley Park. He invited all club members to join the team for another work session at the site.

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