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February 28 Program: Rose Twombly spoke about the United Way of Millburn – Short Hills.

Rose Twombly, Executive Director of United Way of Millburn – Short Hills, was introduced at the February 28 Kiwanis meeting by Karen Swartz (left). Rose spoke about the mission and activities of the Millburn – Short Hills United Way which is one of the few remaining single town United Ways in New Jersey. Rose said that her father was President of the Kiwanis Club of Milburn - Springfield.

Most United Way organizations have merged into larger organizations. For example, the United Way of Northern New Jersey has merged with Morris County and four other United Ways.

Rose said her organization has a volunteer Board and their sole purpose is to raise funds to support human and health care projects and programs that are community-based.  They also support programs in surrounding towns. They help the elderly, they disabled, victims of abuse, children with Cancer, and families in financial distress. The client’s problems are real and made more difficult by the current economic conditions.

Organizations supported include the ECLC Community Personnel Services and the Opportunity Project. They provide scholarships for children who attend Nursery School. They support Sage Meals on Wheels the adult day-care center.  They also support programs to give relief to people who are care-givers for others.

High School students are helping to raise funds by, for example, running exercise programs where people donate money. United Way volunteers of all ages go to Short Hills Mall to sort and count coins that are thrown into the large fountain in the mail. Everyone is urged to throw their pocket change into the fountain to support the United Way. All in the audience applauded the good work of the United Way.

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