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August 30 Speaker: Leslie Greenberg, Director of Community Relations, Juniper Village at Chatham

Karen Swartz introduced Leslie Greenberg, Director of Community Relations, Juniper Village at Chatham. Leslie gave a presentation about the Adult Independent/Assisted Living facility.

Just this week she visited many Adult Day Care Centers. Those facilities encourage people to live in their homes as they grow older.

Juniper has many residents who are independent. Why do they give up their homes and move to Juniper? Some have lost their mate. Mobility is declining for others.

Juniper has been chosen the number one assisted living facility in New Jersey for the past 3 years. A board of doctors from Blue Cross Blue Shield assessed the clinical services at Juniper. NJ Business Association assessed the rest of the facility. The facility is “green”; for example, the van is fueled by natural gas. The facility is very attractive and a broad range of activities are offered to residents. For example, there is a trip to the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center every year. There are many clubs.

Juniper is always full so there is a good revenue stream which funds the extensive activities. Juniper’s purpose is to help residents enjoy every bit of their remaining life. There is no lease for apartments. Residents pay rent, and also pay for additional services as needed. It is as if you are living at home and have access to all the services you need.

There is a medical center in the facility with skilled staff. Every kind of service is there when you need it. Her advice is to pick where you are going to live while you can. If you wait too long, your children will have to make the choice for you.

Funding does not come from Medicare. Some residents can be funded by Medicaid, but they must first go through 3 years of private pay. Private pay cost is $5,000 per month and up, depending on services required. There are VA benefits that are available to military veterans (and spouses). Juniper can help applicants explore this option which could pay a significant fraction of the cost. Long Term Health Insurance can also pay a portion of the cost.

Apartments are studio, one-bedroom and two-bedroom (without kitchens). An excellent restaurant is on premises.

People interested in learning more should visit Juniper Village and discuss the offerings and benefits available. Click here to go to the Juniper Village website. Click here to go to the Juniper Village Blog.

Dick Plambeck thanked Leslie Greenberg for the interesting presentation and gave her a Kiwanis pen.

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