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Local Sustainability Programs: Green Initiatives in the Chathams and Madison

Mary Anne Maloney (left) with speaker Cindy Steffens

Cindy Steffens spoke on “Green Initiatives” in local New Jersey areas. She was introduced by John Eyre. Cindy is a native of Chatham, has extensive academic and government experience and now leads the Chatham Borough Sustainability Program.

She described in detail the Sustainability Jersey (SJ) Certification Program for Municipalities. Green Team leaders and members are in place for all three local towns. Chatham Township was one of 34 municipalities certified at the “Bronze” level in 2009. Chatham and Madison Boroughs are seeking Bronze certification. Of the 566 towns in NJ, 309 are involved in SJ Certification. Many individuals and organizations are planning and implementing the program. It seems that the best SJ managed towns may get the most NJ state aid for their Green projects. Sponsors include Wal-Mart, Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, PSE&G and NJ Natural Gas.

Chatham Township received a $25,000 Wal-Mart Grant to be used for recycling waste materials by the School District of the Chathams. Reuse of materials is a primary focus. Also, reducing energy consumption is emphasized. For example, Cindy mentioned the “Turn the Key – Be Idle Free” program. By NJ law it is illegal to idle a vehicle more than 3 minutes.

Paper copies of a PowerPoint presentation which documents the topic may be obtained from her. Also, please visit the Sustainable Jersey website. Click here for a ChathamPatch article.

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