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Kiwanis January 8 Meeting Program: Dr. Matthew Riordan and Dr. Paul Kochoa, Physical Therapists at the Madison Area and Summit YMCA

Dr. Mathew Riordan (center) and Dr. Paul Kochoa (left) were introduced by Dr. William Williams (right) at the January 8 Kiwanis luncheon meeting held at Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse. Both Drs. Riordan and Kochoa are Physical Therapists on the staff of Professional Physical Therapy & Training, LLC. They have offices at both the Madison Area YMCA and the Summit YMCA.

Dr. Riordan spoke on “Managing Arthritis Pain”. He explained what arthritis is and described treatments for the disease.

Dr. Lochoa spoke on “Improving Golf with Physical Therapy. He described how to be fit for the fairway and for everyday life.

Members of the audience found the presentations to be interesting and helpful. Learn more by visiting the Professional Physical Therapy & Training website:

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