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Kiwanis Annual Recognition Reception on April 24, 2012

Karen Swartz, Benevolence Chair, opened the Annual Chatham-Madison Kiwanis Awards Reception on April 24, 2012 at Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse, 522 Southern Boulevard, Chatham Township. Recipients of Kiwanis benevolences grants were acknowledged and light refreshments were served. The club also gives a number of scholarships to Chatham and Madison high school graduates in June.

Organizations included are Chatham Emergency Squad, Chatham Education Foundation, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, SAGE Meals on Wheels, Chatham Community Band, Robert Wood Johnson Children’s Specialized Hospital, Awards to ECLC of New Jersey Graduates, Senior Services Center of the Chathams, Chatham and Madison High School Music Awards, Madison YMCA, Project Community Pride, Madison Little League, Good Grief and the ELIMINATE Project: Kiwanis eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus (MNT).

This year, a new Community Aid Award was given to an organization selected by membership of the club. The Food Pantry of Morris County received the award this year.

Scroll down to see the awards recipients and presenters. Each recipient gave a brief overview of their current charitable activities. These organizations all provide wonderful services to our community. Recipients invited everyone to visit their facilities.
Mary Anne Maloney, President of the club, gave an Overview of Project ELIMINATE. Kiwanis eliminating maternal and neonatal tetanus is a global campaign that will save and protect the lives of millions of mothers and their future babies. The club is selling bracelets to raise funds – many in attendance bought them.
Beth Anne Myarick, Director of Community Relations & Volunteer Services, Children’s Specialized Hospital in Mountainside, accepted a grant. Total New Jersey District Kiwanis Focus Project pledge is $500,000.
Past President Doug Bryant gave grants to local community organizations.
Myra Cole, President of the Chatham Community Band, thanked Kiwanis for their continuing support. The excellent band has about 60 members and will be giving a free concert 3:00 PM May 6 at the Chatham High School.
Bruce Johnson, Board President of Sage Eldercare accepted the grant. He mentioned that the organization is 58 years old. Today, it offers 12 services. It delivered 50,000 meals last year. The many volunteers served over 5,000 clients last year.
Mickey Chaput, Executive Director of the Senior Services Center of the Chathams, accept the grant for her organization. She said they are developing activities which appeal to all ages covering the range of seniors from 50 to 100 years of age. She mentioned the website: which has a newsletter and calendar of events.
Rich Crater of the Chatham Emergency Squad accepted the contribution on behalf of the organization.  He said the organization was started 76 years ago and Kiwanis has provided ongoing support for many years. The Squad is a volunteer organization which is on the job all the time, serving the Chathams. They are in the midst of a fund drive and he invited everyone to make a donation.
Jerry Cunningham, past Benevolence Committee Chair, presented awards to Community Youth Organizations.
Bridgitte Kelly, Director of Project Community Pride accepted the grant. She explained how the organization helps families in our community get back on their feet. The needs keep increasing so the donation is appreciated.
Al Thomas, Senior District Executive of Patriots Path Council, Boy Scouts of America, accepted the grant. He said that they started a new Law Explorer post this year. They meet at the Morris County Courthouse.  Also, Venture Crew 77 which meets at the Madison Elks is an excellent organization. Boy Scouts gives young people the opportunity to grow in leadership.
Colleen Egl, Service Unit Manager, Girl Scouts accepted the grant. The grant was presented by Nancy Holt, past president of the Benevolence Committee. Colleen thanked Kiwanis for the donation, which will help fund girls who are earning the Girl Scout Gold Award. There are over 800 Girl Scouts in Chatham, part of the Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey.
Tom Mullin spoke about the Kiwanis support for the Library of the Chathams. Every year, Tom leads the Kiwanis in putting on a picnic for the Children’s Summer Reading Program.
Kiwanis President Elect Joan May (right) introduced Chelsea Creo (left) and Linsey Cozeworth of the Madison Area YMCA. Joan presented the YMCA with a grant and Linsey responded by presenting overview of recent programs at the YMCA. She thanked Kiwanis for their continuing support.
Heather Robinson, Board Member of the Chatham Education Foundation, was given a grant by Kiwanis. Heather said that since 1987, the Foundation has been privately raising money for public education. They have given over $500,000 to important education projects since 1987. She thanked Kiwanis for their support.
Ernest Cicconi, President of the Little League of Madison was given a grant by Kiwanis. The Chatham-Madison Kiwanis Club sponsors the Kiwanis Team. Ernest mentioned that a member of the Kiwanis Team read the Little League Pledge as part of the opening day ceremony. See article in Madison Patch. The Madison Little League has had an official charter since 1952. There are about 700 children in the program.
Marsha Ann Zimmerman, Treasurer of Madison Downtown Development accepted a donation from Kiwanis as part of the May Day in Madison program. Marsha said that this is the 15th year of the event. Volunteers beautify the parks and public spaces around town. Kiwanis and St. Vincent RC Church spruce up Cole Park. Between 700 and 1000 people volunteer for the program. There are 150 hanging baskets on the lamp poles around town, paid for by the Downtown Development organization.
Heather Alonge, Director of Development at ECLC, accepted a grant from Nancy Holt (right in the photo). These funds are used to present an award to each of the students who graduate from ECLC in June. ECLC supports developmentally challenged children and adults in Northern New Jersey. The ECLC school on Lum Ave. opened in 1989. There are also other ECLC programs in buildings on Passaic and Fairmount Ave.
Monty Montague, Treasurer of the club, spoke about the scholarships and awards which Kiwanis presents to local students every year. The largest scholarship is funded by the Chatham Kiwanis Scholarship Foundation. Two 4-year scholarships are given to Chatham High School Students every year. The total over a four-year period is $8,000, $2,000 per year. Since there are two scholarships awarded each year, the total paid out by the club is $16,000 per year.
Ron Whalin explained the process for selecting the Chatham High School Scholarship winners. The CHS counseling department provides the applications to a committee of six Kiwanis Members. The committee carefully analyses the applications, which are identified by code numbers. Selection is based on academic record, extracurricular activities and outside activities.
Betty Anne Keat is Chair of the Sponsored Youth Committee of the Kiwanis Club. This committee provides advisors and oversight for the Builders Clubs of Chatham and St. Patrick’s, the Key Clubs of Chatham, Madison and ECLC, and the Circle-K Club  of Drew University. She explained current activities in these Youth Service Clubs.
Rosemary Gilmartin, the Interfaith Food Pantry Executive Director, was presented with the Community Aid Award. Rosemary graciously thanked Kiwanis for this grant and noted that her organization works with many if not all of the organizations present at the Recognition Reception.  She noted that the number of clients for the Food Pantry is growing. Over 12,600 people have been given food in the past year. They come from 5,500 families who live in Morris County.

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