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May 24 Program: Susan Allen presents Chatham Historical Society video of 1926 “Three Towns Pageant”

Left to right, Susan Allen, Mary Anne Maloney, Dick Plambeck, and Bailey Brower
Susan Allen showed an amazing video of the historic pageant held in Chatham in 1926 to celebrate the sesqui-centennial celebration of the birth of our nation. Susan gave an informative and entertaining narration, describing what we were seeing, the names of performers, etc. The video sound track provided background music.

Briefly, the 1926 Three Towns Pageant lasted two hours and was held at a location near the present day Minisink Club tennis courts. Hundreds of performers from Chatham, Madison and Summit moved on and off the grass stage as 10,000 people watched from a hillside. The Chatham Historical Society has documented the details of the event from newspaper articles. Clickhere to view photo of newspaper front page.
Members of the audience were delighted by the video presented by Susan. They applauded loudly and stayed after the Kiwanis meeting to learn more. Click here to see a more detailed description and sample of the video in a Chatham Patch on-line article.

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