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COMMUNITY Theatre at Mayo Center for the Performing Arts

Nancy Boucher introduced Ed Kirchdoerffer, General Manager of the Morristown Community Theatre, the July 6 meeting speaker. Theme for the theatre this summer is “Summer 2010 is going to be HOT”. He apologized for causing our heat wave this year :)

The theatre opened as a playhouse in 1994. Originally built in 1937, it was a Walter Reade movie theater until the early 80s when it closed and was left to deteriorate. It was a boarded up eyesore until 1994, when Alexander Slobodniuk, Ukrainian Pianist, invited his friend Valerie Gergiev, conductor of the Kirov orchestra to look at the theater. Valery stepped onto the stage, clapped his hands, loved the acoustics and announced that “the Kirov will play here.” Seven months later, after Morristown volunteers stepped in and restored the venue, the Kirov did play there.

Several renovations have been done in the last 16 years. The goal of the theatre is to become a world class performing arts center. A recently developed plan resulted in a 24,000 square foot expansion in the back of the theatre. The entirely new stage is now twice the size that it used to be. Stage ceiling is 70 feet higher. There are 6 dressing rooms, a main curtain in front of the stage and an orchestra pit. The new Starlight Room can be used for smaller performances for an audience of 90 to 100 people.

In 2005 the theatre started an educational program with helpful guidance from Bergan PAC. Now the program serves over 300 very talented kids. Summer camp is going on right now. A traveling troop of kids is available to give free performances to non-profit organizations (like nursing homes).

The theatre has evolved to where they can “give back” to the community with free concerts that all people in the community can attend. The theatre wants to demonstrate that Arts are important. For example, the theatre is working with Randolph to support their music program. There is a monthly honors program with local schools. The theatre is a non-profit with a large staff of volunteers, mostly seniors.

There is an eight million dollar positive financial impact on Morristown – restaurants are packed with customers on event nights. Real estate brokers highlight the theatre to help attract new residents to live in Morristown.

Several ideas for renovations in the future, including larger bathrooms, are being studied. However, money is needed. Members who donate a large amount (Starlight Society Members) can use the VIP Starlight Room bathroom. The next construction project will probably be smaller in size than prior ones.

Ticket sales for the 2010-11 season start next Tuesday. Brochures for the next season, hot off the press, were handed out to Kiwanis members. Subscriptions may be purchased now. Good group rates are available to organizations like Kiwanis.

Free concerts will be held in front of the theatre to promote subscriptions and attendance. A summer series with 14 performances will be offered during the next three months. The Nutcracker Christmas performance is moving from the Papermill Playhouse to the Community Theatre.

Funding for Arts programs is difficult to find in today’s economy. Donations are welcomed.

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