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Kiwanis November 18 Meeting Program: Patricia Swan, Executive Director of the Lantern Hill CCRC in New Providence presented Opening a New Chapter of Life.

Patricia Swan (left in photo), Executive Director of the Lantern Hill CCRC in New Providence, spoke with Kiwanis at the November 18 breakfast meeting at Charlie Brown’s Fresh Grill in Chatham Township, NJ. Patricia was welcomed by Sharon Johnson (right in photo), President of the Kiwanis Club.

Patricia’s talk was about Opening a New Chapter of Life. Most people are reluctant to leave their house and move into a residential community because of the perceived loss they will experience. However, evidence shows that those courageous seniors who move to a CCRC experience many benefits, including improved fitness, nutrition, risk (falling) avoidance and social and spirituality benefits.

Her talk ended with a chart showing the really good news that seniors feel the best of their lives as they age and living in a CCRC enhances that experience. After an active question and answer session, the audience applauded this opportunity to learn more about Continuing Care Retirement Communities.

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