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Kiwanis March 18 Meeting Program: Judy McGrath, ECLC Educator of the Year, spoke about things she is doing.

Judy McGrath, left in photo, spoke to Kiwanis at the March 18 meeting. On the right in the photo is John Eyre, President of Kiwanis. Judy, who has been at ECLC for 25 years, spoke to the club about the things going on at ECLC of New Jersey in Chatham. This is the 25th anniversary of ECLC, which is a school for learning disadvantaged children. She works with graduates of ECLC, helping them to move on in their lives. There are activities for graduates, like dances, alumni day, classes, etc. There are over 70 graduates in the PRIDE program, where they can be active in various projects. There is also CPS, Community Personnel Services, which provides job coaching in their last year before graduating. In Judy’s class they start taking them out in September, looking at different job sites, filling out resumes, getting them used to different employers. She works with them all year and they are prepared at graduation to find a job and start working.

The audience enthusiastically applauded the fine work that Judy does at ECLC. To learn more about ECLC, please go to their website:

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