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Kiwanis spruces up Cole Park - May Day in Madison 2012

Kiwanis Club and St. Vincent Martyr Girl Scouts weeded and multched Cole Park as part of the annual May Day in Madison 2012 event. Eleven members of Chatham-Madison Kiwanis showed up on a cloudy, cool morning - May 5. It was pretty wet and muddy, but we all had a great time.
AD Dudderar and Stu Shippey were the first to arrive.
Mary Anne Maloney, Dave Mutchler, John Eyre, and Jerry Cunningham worked on the beds around the fountain.
Girls Souts went right to work.
We got one load of mulch thanks to the Department of Public Works. The mulch came from last year's October snow damaged trees.
After spreading the much, everyone worked together to move the last of it into the wheelbarrow.
A staff member brought water for the thirsty workers.
Many workers brought and shared tools and then it was time to find them and take them home.
At the end, everyone enjoyedtreats supplied by the Girl Scouts and gathered the bags of weeds and sticks for pick-up by the Public Works.
This is what the beds looked like before all the good work.
This is what the beds looked like after the work.
This monument was placed in 1995.

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