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November 8 Kiwanis Meeting Announcements

President Mary Anne Maloney reported on cancellation of the November 2 meeting. Due to the power outages and other damage caused by the major October 29 snowstorm, it was necessary to cancel the meeting. A telephone calling team tried to reach all members and an email was sent out to all members using the Internet network access provided by the Library of the Chathams. In spite of diligent efforts, two members did travel to Charlie Brown’s Restaurant and found it closed where a sign “No Kiwanis Meeting” was posted on the door.

Mary Anne also thanked the nine members of our club who supported the Greater Parsippany Great Tasting event held recently.

Mike Mulhaul was present for the Interclub and he also thanked the members for working at the event. It was a great evening. Also, he invited members to attend the Greater Parsippany Kiwanis 20th Anniversary Celebration, 6:30 PM, December 5 at the Mountain Lakes Country Club.

Mike also announced that he is the NJ District Coordinator for the ELIMINATE project. He plans to give a talk to our club on the subject early next year. ELIMINATE is a four-year program to raise $110,000,000 to eliminate Maternal Neonatal Tetanus world-wide. New Jersey needs to raise $1,064,444.

Gary Arnesen announced that the final income from the Pasta Dinner was $1,793. He also announced that there will be a Kiwanis town clean-up held on Saturday, November 19 at Shepard Kollock Park. Time will be announced next week.  Dick Plambeck added that the Environmental Commission is doing a major cleanup of that area of Chatham Borough. DPW will be out there with chain saws, wheelbarrows and chips to clean up and restore the trails in the area. Boy Scouts and other volunteers will also be out there working.

Stu Shippey reported that we are almost at the halfway point in selling Holiday Nuts. However, we have a lot more selling to do. There are four supermarket sales coming up the next two weekends. He needs more volunteers and passed around a sign-up sheet.

Mary Anne reminded everyone about the November 12 ELIMINATE walk in Cape May and the ELIMINATE Bermuda cruise next year.

Sharon Johnson reminded members to pay their dues.

John May passed around sign-up sheets for the Madison Christmas Parade and the Breakfast with Santa on December 3.

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