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Diane Mann, President and CEO of the Madison Area YMCA, spoke on February 15 about the mission, values and goals of our local YMCA.

Diane Mann graciously thanked the Kiwanis club for the opportunity to speak about the YMCA.  She shared the YMCA mission statement and values. As a 501(c)3 organization, the Y raises money and uses it for good causes.
Jerry Cunningham introduced Diane Mann, the new President and CEO of the Madison Area YMCA. She recently moved to New Jersey from California to take the position.

The YMCA finances are in good shape (no debt), but they need to continue encouraging people to contribute money to the organization. She wants to encourage partnerships with other organizations of like mind to strengthen the community and support children and others in need.

They provide health and exercise facilities; but, the Y is more than that – they are a support facility. They provide services at two locations: the Kings Road Family Center (with a complete fitness center) and the F. M. Kirby Children’s Center on East Street. The former school can serve up to 350 children (infant through Kindergarten) in accredited classes.

The Y has a $9.2 Million operating budget, about 500 employees when fully staffed in the summer and about 9,000 members who use the fitness center. The Y raises $250,000 to $300,000 in contributions each year from several hundred donors. The Y is predominant in the community, highly valued by the community and has a strong Board of Directors.

They are dealing with the “post-2008” economy. More support has been needed and given to members hit hard by the recession. While the Y has been successful in keeping members, there has also been a reduction in revenue.

The Y is building their contributions campaign for the coming year. Volunteers are needed to go out in the community, tell people about wonderful YMCA experiences, and grow the number of donors. The campaign will raise awareness of the Y mission and raise money as well.

The Y is also doing a program cost study to find the most efficient way to meet their mission. They are looking at everything they do to find savings. Data is being collected and analyzed. Also, community focus groups are being used to determine how to meet the highest priority needs at the least cost.

Kiwanis offered to be one of the focus groups providing input and assistance to the YMCA.

The Y needs a larger swimming pool and is analyzing the situation to determine how this need can be met. To learn more, please visit the YMCA website.

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