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December 14 Program: Tim Butler, Co-Director of Green Vision, Spoke on the Recycling Program Staffed by Autistic Workers.

Tim Butler described Green Vision, which is the electronics recycling program affiliated with The Allegro School in Morris Knolls. The workers are Autistic developmentally disabled students and adults.

Valerie Olpp introduced Tim Butler who spoke about Green Vision, an electronics recycling organization
Green Vision is now incorporated, has 501(c)3 status and has its own board of directors.  Work continues to be done at the Allegro School but will move to a new building in Morris Plains. Workers take electronic equipment apart and ship it to companies for processing. The new facility will provide higher end training and employment for students and adults.

Arrangements have been made with several major corporations (e.g. Cantor Fitzgerald, ADP, etc. ) to supply discarded computers and other electronics to Green Vision. Green Vision can accept anything with a cord except for Televisions and Computer Monitors.

PC Problems, LLC in Madison serves as a location for collecting electronics discarded by Madison residents. Click here to learn more. The items are then delivered to Green Vision for recycling. Green Vision also handles New Vernon Township. Discussions are also underway with Chatham Township.

Over a period of one year, Green Vision recycled 101,000 pounds of materials. Just this morning, Tim collected 14,000 pounds of electronics. Autistic workers love the program and the staff.

Tim asked Kiwanis to encourage contacts who might have electronics to dispose of to get in touch with him at Green Vision. Click here to go to the Green Vision website.

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